Images of Dawn Before The Triathlon…

Lake Nokomis, Minneapolis.

Sunrise over the swim venue at Lifetime Minneapolis Triathlon as I arrived in transition.

A race report will follow and race photos when they become available, but I wanted to share images of the calm before the storm…



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7 responses to “Images of Dawn Before The Triathlon…

  1. 50in50marathonquest

    very nice…look forward to the race recap!


    • Life’s been hectic and I will get to it soon. The swim was a confidence builder as it was only my second open water swim since my panic attack swim last year. This was twice as long and I went without the security blanket of a wetsuit. My first non-wetsuit swim in 5 years and longest open water swim in 3 years. Of course, the water was ideal as you can see…

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  2. beautiful pics! Hope your race went well! 🙂

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  3. Awesome pics! Looking forward to the race recap. Hope you had a great race. It was a beautiful day!

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    • The day was spectacular…but it did get a little warm by the end of the run. I did the Olympic distance and tend to be at the back of the pack, so I was out there later then most. I’ve lost the competitive drive and mostly participate for fun and something to motivate me to stay active. It was a great day!

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      • Hats off for completing the Olympic distance! I’m newer to the sport and did the Sprint distance – my third of the summer and seventh overall. I’m hoping to work my way up to Olympic but that longer swim makes me nervous. More practice will get me there though. I agree on the fun and motivation. Congrats on the finish!

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