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Maple Grove Triathlon Race Report (Sprint)

Maple Grove, MN 
Event #131 
Triathlon #25

August 20, 2021

I’m not sure why, but this event never excites me. Maybe it’s the blah course, or that the weather has been dreary every single time I have participated. It usually marks the end of triathlon season for me and I pivot to running only events when this race is over. Maybe I’m burnt out on triathlon by this point, or sad to see triathlon ending for another season.

No matter the reason, I approached the race with indifference. My training was inconsistent and I was going thru the motions to complete, not compete. I showed up early, got my transition spot set up, and waited for my wave to start. For a local race, this event is huge. But it felt smaller then before. There were some empty racks. Not all intersections on the bike had volunteers, only one vendor at the expo, only chips and water at the finish line, no photographers on course, no bracelets, insufficient security for transition, and they ran out of finishers medals. Much of this is pandemic related and having to skip last season. Many local races are gone for good (including my favorite event…Lifetime Minneapolis), so I am grateful that this one is still here.

The heat wave that has been gripping our region ended overnight (mid 90’s at the expo, high 60’s at the starting line), so that was awesome…but it was windy, dreary and overcast.

My race was uneventful and uninspired. I got my new anxiety on the swim again (don’t know why this is happening at every race now, but it is making triathlon far less enjoyable) and I got lost (blind as a bat…even with goggles with refraction). Lifeguard had to put me back on course. Not sure how much time I wasted. T1 went ok. The bike had wind and a few hills. Roads were open to traffic. Sometimes we had a lane coned off, sometimes we’re were on the shoulder with cars whizzing by our ears. Bike course was only 11 miles so it didn’t last long. T2 was more organized then T1 and the run was slow (my knees are always screaming at me these days). As noted earlier, no finish line medal, photos and minimal food. Hung out until transition reopened. Nobody was checking bib numbers vs bike numbers on the way out.

Overall, I didn’t have a fun day. I’m not sure if it’s the race or me. With the year off racing due to the pandemic, I have not found the same enthusiasm that I used to have. Everything hurts (especially my knees) and I have had to deal with a lot of stress and responsibility with the pandemic. Whatever the reason, my heart isn’t in triathlon (or running) anymore. Perhaps Triathlon #25 will be my last. The only thing left this year is the Boston Marathon (virtual). I have a lot of reservations about virtual events, but I could not say no to getting a Boston Unicorn medal. I might be walking most of it, but that is another can of worms for another blog post. But after that, I have nothing planned. I might just put my name in the lottery again for the Twin Cities 10 Mile next fall. Time will tell…

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Race Report: Lifetime Maple Grove Sprint Triathlon

August 22, 2015
Maple Grove, MN
Triathlon #15
Event #82

I was passing an aid station 1 mile into the run when it hit me. Swimming season was over. Cycling season was over. And, in a couple of more miles, triathlon season would be over as well.

It seemed kind of anticlimactic…

In 2012, I capped my first triathlon season by earning my first Ironman branded medal (Ironman Steelhead 70.3).

In 2013, after two more 70.3, I successfully complete the insanely hilly Ironman Muskoka 70.3, giving me the confidence to register for Ironman Wisconsin one week later (yes, the climactic ending to that season was sitting in front of a computer screen frantically hitting the refresh button).

In 2014, I ended the year by crossing the line in Madison and hearing Mike Riley announce that I was an Ironman.

This year, I ran 4 sprints and finished the year doing a local sprint.

Is it anticlimactic? Maybe.

Is that a bad thing? I don’t think so…

I completed five 70.3’s and one full IM in the past three years. The training was intense and the races rewarding but brutal. After Ironman Wisconsin, I was burnt out. I had also grown a lot as a person and an athlete. Looking back, there was a clear trajectory to those three seasons. I feel that I have achieved what I needed from the longer events. I resolved some inner demons and insecurities. I  accept that I am a triathlete and that I am part of a community of other athletes. But I no longer feel that everything needs to be Epic. I don’t feel that I have to keep doing things bigger and wilder. I have achieved my goal. I also feel that I have closed the chapter and turned the page. I no longer feel the desire to run more Ironman events.

I am learning to just enjoy the sport again.

The training is more fun and flexible. I can ride or run when I wish. I can skip a workout if I want. I can still be prepared and compete. I can enjoy the interaction with other athletes and push myself to my limit, but without all the stress.

I am at peace.

Anticlimactic? Nah…

The race itself was good. Water temps dropped overnight to 71.4 F. It was cool enough to convince me to put on the sleeveless wetsuit. The winds were fierce and that did make for a significant current. Fortunately, there were no waves to speak of. It was a time trial start and we went off two by two every three seconds or so. Not much else to say. There was some contact, but minimal. I found my stroke and just plodded along until I hit the beach.


Swim Split – 18:14 (2:15/100 meters)
221/527 overall

The bike was short (11 miles) with some rollers. The winds were crazy with some strong gusts. I can’t think of the last time that I had to work so hard to control my bike. We had a nice stretch of tailwinds, but the headwinds slowed me to a crawl and the cross winds threatened to knock me off of my bike if I was not careful. My bike skills are getting stronger. I am far from elite and bike handling still sucks (I get passed on every turn), but I can mount an attack on most hills (thank you Wisconsin!) and my voice gets hoarse from yelling “on your left” every few seconds (of course, many that I was passing were doing the Olympic course and were pacing themselves more conservatively).


Bike Split – 35:45 (18.47 mph)
173/527 overall

The run is a 5k around the lake (mostly in residential neighborhoods). I tried to push myself and to reel in as many as I could. But I was getting passed as often as I was passing others. I am finding that my triathlon strategy tends to be attack on the bike and hold on as long as I can on the run.


Run Split – 26:36 (8:34/mile)
220/527 overall

Final – 1:28:08

My transition remains my Achilles heel. It slows me down and I give back much of what I fought for. I will need to work on this next year.

But, for now, triathlon season is over. I will rack the bike (although I may get a chance for one or two more rides before the weather ends cycling season for good) and the wetsuit will be stored.

The final running push is upon me. No events in September, but October will bring a 1 mile, 5k, 10k, half marathon, and THREE full marathons before I can hit the off season. Triathlon may have ended pretty low key, but the running season promises to go out with a bang…


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