The 2016 Season Is Already Falling Apart.

Well, so far, this year has been a disaster. Fortunately, I had already decided to cut back, but I am just tired of having one setback after another.

For starters, I have been dealing with a few health issues. I was diagnosed with osteoporosis last year, and I have to see my Endocrinologist periodically and get some injections for it. I also have been getting a lot of tests for suspected Myesthenia Gravis. It looks like I have a mild form of the condition and may have to try some medications in the near future.

I lost my dog to illness just days before my Star Wars DisneyLand trip (which was devastating to me…I have no kids, and this was my baby), so I was just going through the motions in California (it did help me get my mind off of things). We then got a new puppy which needs 24/7 supervision.

My mother (now 91) is getting more frail and needs me around more then in the past. Hard to do when she lives hundreds of miles away (and in another country).

To add to this mess, I have finally recovered from a bronchitis that lasted for SEVEN WEEKS! I never get sick, but this thing would just not go away. Running in the cold was next to impossible (running on the treadmill was almost as bad). So for seven weeks, I did no running AT ALL. I did get on my bike trainer a couple of times a week, but I could only handle it for 30-45 minutes per workout.

During that stretch, I only completed one run…a 5k run that I needed to finish for my year long “Summit Challenge”. It was awful. I could barely breath, and likely set back my recovery by 1-2 weeks.

Yesterday, I finally felt good, and the weather was beautiful, so I went out for my first outdoor training run OF THE YEAR. I had a very modest goal of completing 10k. I did it…

…and injured myself in the process.

When I got home, I noticed that my right upper inner thigh was tight and the arch of my right foot was in pain. This morning, I am quite certain that I have a groin strain and the start of plantar fasciitis.


To put it bluntly, all of these setback have me re-evaluating my future in the sport.



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5 responses to “The 2016 Season Is Already Falling Apart.

  1. Sounds like a tough few weeks. Hang in there.

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  2. I’m sorry to hear that 2016 has not been treating you well. I hope to see that turn around for you soon!

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    • Thanks. Just got a little frustrated gimping down the stairs after a slow 10k run yesterday. Fortunately, I really have a low key season with no major events that are going to get derailed by this setback. Had this happened 2 years ago, I would have been freaking out. The hip and foot are feeling a little better already…

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  3. I’m so sorry to hear about all of the misfortunes you’ve been having lately. Your health, your dog, and the challenge of caring for an aging parent is a lot to take on. Don’t be too hard on yourself! Best of luck.

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    • Thanks. Life events sometimes puts everything into perspective. Running is a hobby to try to keep the weight off and keep me fit. Temporary setbacks are just that…temporary.


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