Tales of my Wandering Waistline…

My journey started with with weight loss, not fitness.

Over 4 years ago, my loosest pair of pants were too tight. I had to do something…new diet or new wardrobe. I opted for the diet first. The goal was to lose 10 lbs. I ended up losing 50 lbs instead. I got really strict with the diet, and it had become comfortable. The smaller portions were satisfying, the healthy foods enjoyable. I did not miss the burgers, fries, or ice cream.

Once the weight had stabilized, I started to run. I found that I had to eat more due to the physical activity. Weight stayed the same, the body fat dropped.

Then the runs got longer.

Then I started training for Ironman.

I had a lot of fears going into that. The biggest fear was how it would affect my diet. For months, I was completing 20+ hours/week of training. I had to force food down on long training days. The food choices were healthy, the quantity was needed (at the time), but were reviving bad eating habits.

A healthy weight for me is under 155 lbs (BMI of 25.0). I bottomed out at 141.5 lbs (about a BMI of 23). I settled into a range of 143 lbs-147 lbs. I set a “panic weight” of 150 lbs-the weight that would trigger emergency action.

Post Ironman, I was still running-just not as much. My diet did drop from my 4000+ calorie/day peak, but not enough. The weight drifted slightly (new norm was 145-150lbs). Heading into the offseason, the diet was awful…best described as “no chocolate left behind” approach to food.

Finally, the inevitable occurred last week…the scale tipped over the panic weight…152.5 lbs.

I had been at these turning points before. I knew that, if I failed to take action, the the slide would continue…and pick up speed.

I went back into hardcore diet mode…during the toughest time of year.

My workplace has been filled with chocolate all week…I didn’t touch any of it. We had our holiday luncheon at work…I stuck to the turkey breast with a small amount of cranberry sauce and a huge green salad (skipping the dressing). I walked right past the desert table without indulging.

One week later, I am down to 147 lbs (mostly water weight loss, but some of it genuine). The weight loss will slow down (always does after week one) but I don’t have that far to go. I want to stay strict until after the holiday to cement in the good habits again before resuming a maintenance mode (with rare indulgences).

Tomorrow, I will see Star Wars (no popcorn or snacks). Christmas and New Years should be manageable. The trip to DisneyLand for the Star Wars Half Marathon in January will be a little bit tougher.

I can do this. I will NOT throw away all the work I did over the past 4+ years. I have made that mistake before…


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