The Allure of the 50 Marathons/50 States

First of all, I have given up on this idea and I am NOT changing my mind about it.

But I can still see the allure of it…

Starting with a blank map, you start to fill in the spaces. Before you know it, you have a fair size chunk filled in.

I completed a back to back marathon weekend a couple of months ago, and filled in two states in one trip…Missouri and Iowa. The map now looks like this…


There is a nice solid and satisfying streak down the middle of the nation. Is does bring up the temptation to fill in a few more…

I am registered for the Fargo Half Marathon next spring. Upgrading that to the full would let me claim North Dakota. Sioux Falls (South Dakota), Omaha (Nebraska), and Olathe (Kansas) are all on the eastern borders of their states and a fairly easy drive from Minneapolis. That would really beef up that filled in area on the map. Of course, Chicago is still on the “must do” list. That would leave Indiana as a blank gap in the Midwest. I suppose I could fill in the gap during a trip home to see family in Detroit. Then, of course, there is the NYC Marathon (New York) and Marine Corps Marathon (Virginia) that would really start filling in the Northwest…

Yes, I can see how it can become a bit of an obsession. I think that I will just stick with what I have already got.

Well, except maybe Fargo, since I am going there anyways…



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7 responses to “The Allure of the 50 Marathons/50 States

  1. Yeah……after my 100thHM in ten years at DLand 2016, my goal is filling in my map too

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    • I have a hard time justifying the cost ant time for a marathon that I am not all that motivated to run. I would love to run Philly, but I already have Pittsburgh. Do I do LA, SF, or Big Sur? I want to run all three. But I would have to run Fargo, Sioux Falls, Omaha, and Olathe. Sorry, but I would rather run Space Coast. The 50 States can be motivating and demotivating. 50 half marathons would be easier to train for, but I can’t justify the time and expense to travel for a HF (well, except for the Disney Star Wars…you will be in DL next month correct? What about SW WDW?)


  2. Good luck with your upcoming races, that’s so exciting! I definitely want to hit up the 50 states…only 40 more to go! 🙂

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    • I will never finish the 50. I will never come close. Heck, I don’t know if I will continue running marathons. But there is something satisfying (and motivating) about filling in a state. The downside is that it can discourage you from running a great event simply because I have already collected the state. For example, I will likely not consider running Dallas, San Antonio, Oklahoma City, St Louis, Cleveland, Philly (one of the biggest in the country), A1A, or Space Coast in the foreseeable future since I want a state if I will be traveling.

      Oh well, one race at a time. Good luck in your quest!


  3. 50in50marathonquest

    Enjoyed our recent conversation on my site and appreciate all your thoughts and insights…I’m hoping to make it eventually, but will likely take me 10-15 years. It definitely can lead to some tough choices as several states have multiple great marathon events, so I’m sure I’ll double up on a few! Cheers!

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    • Thanks. I don’t know how many marathons I have left in me. It might be zero, and it certainly isn’t 40. But I would like to fill in another state or two (or ten). Good luck on your journey!


  4. I definitely understand the allure. I’ve only done 4 full marathons, but each happened to be in a different state. When thinking of future races I hate to “only” do a half-marathon in a new state because I may regret it down the road if I really would go for 50. Someday. A running buddy of mine completed his 50th state last year and his wife is doing her 50th half in the spring. Pretty awesome!

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