The Offseason Finally Begins…

My last race of the year was on Halloween. My legs were beat up from a very heavy running season, including 3 marathons in October. My plan was to take a week off, then move back to “offseason” mode.

The weather had other ideas.

For once, we had a very mild fall. It is Thanksgiving day in Minnesota and we have not yet seen snow. I could not let the mild weather pass. I would be trapped on the treadmill any day now. As long as I could, I would run outdoors.

The weather has finally become chilly…cool enough to make me think twice about going out the front door. I will still do it (until the Mercury drops too far, or the roads start to get slippery), but indoor training is becoming more appealing.

I visited my local indoor pool for the first time since August, and swam a mile yesterday. Nothing has changed. It never gets easier, harder, faster or slower. The only change I noticed from intense training years ago was endurence improved (since I will be limiting myself to sprint triathlons again this season, it will not be an issue). I felt really good.

I also got back on the bike (currently perched on the trainer in front of the tv). Again, it was the first time since August. That didn’t feel so good (never does after a long break). Legs were jello, and my butt hurt after 5 minutes…

I have done a couple of short treadmill sessions (hate that thing), and I will work my way to the elliptical and indoor track soon enough.

I thought about doing a Turkey Trot yesterday morning, but I am burnt out on races. The thought of driving across town, parking, getting my bib for a 10k just didn’t appeal to me at this point. I will keep the schedule empty until the season starts with some Disney events in January.

And my “never again” on marathons is already wavering. Fargo half is in May. The thought of bumping it up to a full has crossed my mind. The event should not sell out and I can make that decision at the expo if my spring training permits…


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