Peak Training Weekend and the Back-To-Back Long Runs

Yeah, it’s slightly early for me to be hitting my peak training week for the Kansas City and Des Moines Marathons (6 weeks away!!!), but I have had to get creative with my training all year. The end of the season will be no different…

I am just 4 weeks away from the Twin Cities Marathon (and the Ultra Loony Challenge). I should hit peak training next weekend, but I knew this weekend would be more accomidating of the back to back long runs that I needed to accomplish. That, along with physical and mental burnout led me to decide on a four week taper plan.

The plan looks like this:

This week (Sept 4-7): Back to Back long runs (goal 18-21 miles/18-21 miles).

Next week (Sept 12-13): Back to Back long-ish runs (9-12 miles/9-12 miles).

Following two weekends (Sept 19-20 and 26-27) I will be traveling and seeing family. So, I will relax and get 5k-10k runs when I can get them.

Twin Cities Marathon Weekend (Oct 3-4): 10k, 5k, 1 mile on Oct 3, marathon October 4.

October 10-11: Taper (5k-10k only)

I-35  Challenge Weekend: Kansas City Marathon Oct 17, Des Moines Marathon October 18.

So, my long runs this week and next prepare me for the Twin Cities which will act as my back to back long runs for KCM and DMM.

Bottom line, this is my last big training week. It has been a long and grueling season and I am looking forward to the off season. But, I still needed to get through this week.

I had a 5 day weekend. I had some appointments on Thursday and Sunday’s weather forcast called for thunderstorms all day. So the only two day running window was Friday and Saturday. I also realized that both days would be hot and muggy. Not ideal for some of my longest runs of the year. Goal was to complete the miles, with no worries about pace or time. I just needed to know if my legs could take the beating.

On Friday, I set off by daybreak. The day started around 70F and muggy, but stayed that way for the first 15 miles or so. Fortunately, my early start rewarded me, and I completed 21 miles.

I was curious how well tired legs would hold up the next day.

I had forgotten that I was on call that night. Even when it is quiet, I don’t sleep well on call. I had hoped to get an early start, but thunderstorms greeted me in the morning (didn’t see that in the weather forecast!)

So, I got a very late start and was sleep deprived as well. By mile 15, the temp was about 85F and I had full sun almost all the time. My legs were tired but mostly ok. But I was dehydrated and dizzy. I made the call to pack it in.

Overall, the weekend was not quite what I hoped for, but close enough. I feel confident that I can complete the back to back marathons (although it won’t be pretty). I can also start my final taper of the year. All of my big training runs are thankfully behind me!

On an unrelated note, I am still debating the second Star Wars running weekend just added at Walt Disney World (which I  discussed in my last blog post). I would LOVE to run a Star Wars themed Coast to Coast challenge since I am already registered for the Star Wars Half Marathon at DisneyLand, but I am having difficulty justifying the cost. I always feel that my destination events need to be a joint decision with my wife (although she is always very supportive and encouraging of every race that I want to participate in).  If I did run it, I have decided that I would forgo my planned participation in the 25th Anniversary Disney Marathon in 2018. I would also skip a couple of conflicting local events. The timing would be ideal since I am already scheduled to travel that week and adding a leg to the airfare is generally fairly reasonable. I am a Star Wars geek, and this is likely the only thing that would have attracted me back to Florida so soon. Registration opens soon, so I will need to make a decision fairly quickly…






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3 responses to “Peak Training Weekend and the Back-To-Back Long Runs

  1. My husband did Twin Cities Marathon a few years ago. As a spectator, the views were GORGEOUS. Have you run it before?

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    • Yes, it is my hometown race and this will be my third time running it (I did the 10 miler last year since it was so soon after my ironman, but had to do something that weekend). It is the best course I have ever run. Most marathons have some “filler miles” but this one is amazing from start to finish…and I can’t think of a single time that there wasn’t some spectators lining the course for the entire 26.2 miles. Highly recommended event (although the bling generally sucks!)

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