Race Report: HITS-Waconia Sprint Triathlon

August 16, 2015
Waconia, MN
Triathlon #14
Event #81

For a nationwide series, this is a small event. That’s odd considering that it is the only event to have a full distance (aka: Ironman distance) triathlon in the state of Minnesota. There are 5 races over the weekend. Saturday sees the 70.3 and 140.6, Sunday has the sprint, Olympic and super sprint. There were 74 finishers in the sprint, 41 in the Olympic, 98 in the 70.3, and 50 in the 140.6. By comparison, there were 2400 at Ironman Wisconsin.

I won’t get into a huge rundown. The venue was acceptable, but boring. There was nothing spectacular, or awful, with the course. Transition was nice, with stools and bins for each athlete. I had a slow swim and a good bike and run again, finishing 30/74 overall. I was nowhere close to the podium in my age group. But, had I been in the younger AG (where I was last year) I would have been in second place. In fact, I would have been on the podium for any of the younger age groups. Unfortunately, my AG (M45-49) was deep and fast. And, unfortunately, so was M50-54, and M55-59. Bummer. I would like to get an age group award someday…but I am not exactly a podium threat…

A few other points about the race. The shirt and medal were specific to the venue, not the race distance…so the sprinters get the same swag as the Ironman finishers. The number of volunteers were few, the number of spectators was almost zero…

…and the entry fee was a steal. $40 for the sprint, $200 for a 140.6. So, for that price, I can handle a few corners being cut. I have signed up for next year’s race.

Less then a week to go, and swimming, cycling and triathlon seasons are over. Last event of the year is Lifetime Maple Grove sprint triathlon next Saturday. After that, I will have three short weeks to ramp up to three marathons in October…


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