…and Triathlon Season Just Got Shorter.

Just got an e-mail last night about the upcoming Minneapolis Duathlon. It just got postponed…until August 2016.

Cause of the postponement? Road construction.

Of course, they knew about this all year. There was a post on their FB page that the transition area was a construction site MONTHS AGO. They never responded…until now.

Things like this always seem to happen at Team Ortho events. It is almost expected (Minneapolis Marathon canceled due to sprinkles, Monster Dash timing mats not working so we e-mailed them our “official time”, “if you don’t want to run all the way to the turnaround, then turn back anytime…we won’t check” at the polar dash, etc.

This is why I had decided not to participate in any Team Ortho events after this season.

So, this leaves me with a decision. Do I run it next year (I had little motivation to do it this year, but was running it to complete the season race series…not an issue anymore), or do I just take the refund? I have already picked up my packet, and it includes a pretty damn awesome cycling jacket. I have the option of keeping it (partial refund) or returning it (full refund). Details about how partial the partial refund would be will be announced next week. There is also a series jacket that I am supposed to get which may be in jeopardy if I take the refund (details coming next week). So I may end up running it next year after all…

Yeah, I think I am done with Team Ortho…



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3 responses to “…and Triathlon Season Just Got Shorter.

  1. That’s disappointing. Bad race organization really kills it. Hopefully you can find another, better one.

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    • Not really a big deal. Much prefer triathlon to duathlon. I was doing it more to complete the series. I actually have a triathlon the day before, so the weekend was getting crowded… 😉


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