Back To Back Long Runs: Round 2

With two marathons in one weekend (the I-35 Challenge: Kansas City Marathon October 17 and Des Moines Marathon October 18). I need to get some back to back long runs (and increase weekly mileage and running frequency…I know!) Last week was a disaster. I hated every moment. It felt like a chore. I cut the second run short and I went so far as to post that an injury would be a blessing so I could get out of running those races.

Well, Karma has a way…

Two days later I strained my back quite badly. I could work, but barely. I needed help tying my shoelaces. Yesterday, I almost took a DNS at the Minnesota Half Marathon due to the pain. However, the pain had improved enough that I took a chance and it paid off. I completed the Half (and got a new “personal worst” in the process). However, running helped the pain. I was almost pain free by the finish line.

This morning, I was a little stiff, but better then the last several days. The schedule called for a slow 18 miler. I decided to try. Unlike last week, I was enjoying it. I was slow, but I was having fun again. By the end of the run, I was pain free!

This has taught me a valuable lesson. Don’t take for granted the things you love. Whether they are skills, hobbies, work, pets, health, friends, or family. Sometimes we take things for granted, and don’t realize how fortunate we are until these gifts are gone or threatened.

With the turning of the calendar page, a new urgency has come upon me. I have 4 triathlons in the next 3 weekends. Back to back long runs will not be possible. I should have time for a single long run each of those weeks, but not two. After that, I will have three weeks of training available to me before the taper start for the Twin Cities Marathon/10k/5k/1 mile weekend, and that will be my last long run before the I-35 Challenge two weeks later. Time is getting short. But with back to back 13.1 miles and 18 miles, I should be able to ramp up the miles by race day…


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