Be Careful Of What You Wish For…

“I have caught myself thinking that a minor injury would be a blessing in disguise…that it would make the decision for me.”
-Road To Madison – July 26, 2015

Last nights 5k training run was cancelled…because I could not bend forward far enough to tie my own shoelaces. This morning’s swim has also been canceled. I am fairly certain that I can add tomorrow’s bike ride to the list as well.

Saturdays Half Marathon is at risk of becoming my first DNS. Hoping things settle down by then.

Be careful of what you wish for…

The injury is minor. A couple of weeks ago, I was bending forward to pick something up and just felt a very sudden “pop” in my low back that almost dropped me to my knees. I dragged around slowly for the rest of the day and could feel it the next day, but I still got that day’s swim completed with minimal difficulty. The 30 mile bike the following day was no trouble at all, and I just went slowly on my runs. It gradually improved but never fully resolved. I was able to throw down a 23:40 5k the next week, then do a 15 mile and 12 mile training run back-to-back with barely a twinge.

Yesterday morning, there was a torrential downpour. I got to the store and sprinted from the car to the front door, noticed that I had dropped something, sprinted back to pick it up, then sprinted back to the front door (in dress shoes…and I still got completely drenched). As soon as I stopped, I realized that I re-aggravated the low back…and it was a lot worse then the first time.

Every little movement screams at me. Sitting down, getting up, climbing a flight of stairs. I am eating too much Motrin , and the heating pad is my best friend.

This should settle down in a few days. I’ll make the call on the HM on Saturday morning. The race was a last minute addition/throwaway race. The triathlons in the subsequent weeks are much more important to me. If I run it, it will be a very slow recovery run (aiming for a personal worst). But I will take the DNS if I have any concerns.

I doubt this will affect the rest of the season…unless it keeps going out on me. Then it becomes a complete wild card. I know that my core strength is nonexistent…so my risk of recurrence is high.

The other wild card is my osteoporosis. I have the skeleton of a healthy 100 year old man. I broke my rib last year with no trauma of any kind. So, I think I will drop into my local clinic to get an x-ray…just to be sure that I didn’t do anything more stupid then my usual.

So, yeah, be careful of what you wish for…




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4 responses to “Be Careful Of What You Wish For…

  1. Heal quickly friend. Easy on those motrin.

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  2. Boo!! I hope you heal up quickly!!


  3. I hope it is nothing serious. Get well soon!


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