Views From My 50k

Over the years, I have seen a lot of race photos. Most of my photos are horrible. But, the law of average wins, and a few good race photos trickle in. I show off the good and ignore the bad. I generally don’t care which events produce the good photos (many of my favs are from throwaway events), as long as I get an occasional pic where I don’t look like I am going to puke or die.

There are occasional events where I really hope for some great photos. Those are my really big events (and Disney races). I would have been very disappointed if my Ironman photos sucked, but the photographers did a great job and I got multiple good shots of me on the swim, bike, run, and finish line.

The other biggie was my Ultramarathon. This event took place six weeks ago and I have been anxiously awaiting a glimpse of the pics. This is not a complaint. FANS is a small race with a small number of individual that pour their hearts into making this a special event. There is only one photographer…and he volunteers his time. He spent most of the day walking the course, taking pics of the athletes as they ran in the other direction. Then, in his free time, he sorted through the 3000+ photos and provided them to the race directors and athletes for free. Bob did a great job. I finally saw the pics and I got a couple of really nice photos. Thanks to the Bob and the rest of the team at FANS for all the hard work, and some special photos to remember the day…



image image image


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