Race Report: Red, White & Boom Half Marathon

July 4th, 2015
Minneapolis, MN
Half Marathon #22
Event #76

This is one of those events that has become an annual tradition. Every 4th of July starts with an early morning Half Marathon to help justify any indulgences that the rest of the day may bring. It is a fun event. They have a BBQ (well, hot dogs) and ice cream post race. It is well run on a scenic course in north Minneapolis. It offers race day packet pickup (which is a big perk), nice bling, race shirt and pint glass to round out the amenities. It is always a little warm for this race, and this year was no exception. It got to around 70F with no wind and fairly high humidity. It was plesent, but warm enough to banish any thoughts of going for a PR. But that is never the goal with this race. I am usually in triathlon mode when this race rolls around, and I run it just for fun. I can usually complete a Half in just under two hours without too much difficulty and that was the conservative goal today.

Race organizers changed the course this year. Not sure why. It was fine but follows a similar route to almost every other race in north Minneapolis. It felt like Hot Chocolate 15k or Minneapolis Half Marathon…because it was.

I found my zone early and the miles slipped by. I was in my happy place. I wasn’t stressing about PR’s. It was just a beautiful day and great to be outside. I vaguely paid attention to my Garmin and knew that I was on track for a sub 2 hour finish. I inched up the speed in the final mile since I knew I was cutting it close.

Finish Time-1:58:47

Overall, it was a good race, and one I will continue in future years. The race day packet pickup is a big deal for me (1 hour drive time each way is motivating me to avoid races that don’t have this option).

Next weekend, triathlon season starts! Lifetime Minneapolis Triathlon is one of my favorite events on the calendar and has a spectacular course. Can’t wait!



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2 responses to “Race Report: Red, White & Boom Half Marathon

  1. I love holiday runs – makes all the calories and festivities later seem justified (I mean, in addition to celebrating independence). Congrats on a sub-2:00 finish.

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    • Thanks! I love holiday runs as well. July 4th and Thanksgiving are always on the race calendar. New Years Day has been as well, but two out of three events had -30 Wind Chill…so I think I will skip those in the future!


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