Well, the timing sucks…

Next week, I will “run” a half-marathon (training pace) as my final prep for my first (and only) ultramarathon the following weekend.

I had already completed this week’s long run and the whole Memorial Day weekend was a washout, so I decided to do a couple of sessions on the bike trainer instead of the treadmill. It had been three months since I touched my bike. I figured that a little cross-training was overdue. Besides, triathlon season is coming quickly…

I did NOT overdo it. Ten miles in 45 minutes on two consecutive days. Just getting the feel of it again.

Well, using muscles that I haven’t touched in three months wasn’t such a good idea. Left hip is aching right now. Feels like bursitis. I could not sleep on that side last night.

It is not a severe issue. Ice and Ibuporfen should take care of it. But the ultra is my most important event of the year. If this lingers at all, it could derail that race.



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  1. You’ll be FIIIIIIINE!!!

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