Back on the Bike…

For the first time in three months, I got on my bike. It is still firmly parked on trainer in my basement. This time last year, I was routinely cycling laps at Elm Creek Park. But that was my Ironman year. That was my 3000 mile season. This year is run focused. With an Ultramarathon looming in a couple of weeks, the cross training has taken a back seat. Soon, the ultra will be behind me (for better or worse) and triathlon season will begin.

The season will be brief, but packed with five events in about six weeks (4 in 16 days). All will be sprints. The bike rides will vary between 11 and 16 miles (a far cry from the 112 mile Ironman ride…or even the 56 mile ride at any of my 70.3’s).

The training session went well. I was slow, and only went 10 miles…stopping more from boredom then fatigue. I was concerned that my injured ankle would have difficulty clipping out of the pedals…but it wasn’t a problem.

For now, the focus is still on running. But I am starting to look forward to the triathlons and the training. I will be able to do much shorter training sessions (15-30 miles…no more then 2 hours at a time). Elm Creek should be much more enjoyable under these circumstances. Cycling will be for the joy of cycling. I may not hit 500 cycling miles in 2015, but they will be fun miles.

Now, I need to get myself back to the swimming pool…



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