Finish Time Calculator

I came across this finish-time predictor calculator from another blog. I have to say that I am shocked by how accurate it is.

I inputted my recent 1 mile PR, I then compared it to some of my other PR’s. With one glaring exception, the results are shockingly close…


Based on your 1 Mile time of 6:51, these are your projected finish times:

5K-22:47 (7:20/mile). Actual PR-22:49 (7:21/mile)
10K-47:30 (7:39/mile). Actual PR-47:41 (7:40/mile)
Half Marathon-1:44:48 (8:00/mile). Actual PR-1:44:03 (7:56/mile)
Marathon-3:38:29 (8:20/mile). Actual PR-4:26:15 (10:09/mile)


Clearly, I have work to do on the marathon distance…



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2 responses to “Finish Time Calculator

  1. Wow…can’t imagine running a mile that fast or any of your other distances. Lol. I think it’s interesting how accurate it is and not surprising the full is so off…but surprise the half is so accurate. I will test this out once I do a one mile test

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    • I updated the post to show actual pace for the predicted and actual finish times. As you can see, the calculator adjusts the pace depending on distance. I could barely stand upright after my 1 mile run, so multiplying that by 26.2 for a marathon time would not make any sense.

      You also don’t need a 1 mile run to use this calculator. Just take your strongest finish time in any distance and plug it into the calculator. It will tell you what finish times are reasonable for all the other distances. So, you can plug in a marathon time to calculate a 1 mile…


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