A Tale of Two Toenails

There is a certain rhythm that develops after you run a lot of races. Just a natural order of things. Carb-load, packet pickup, eat and walk too much at the expo, join overly ambitious pace team, go out too fast and leave pace group in the dust, hit the wall, get passed by same pace group, get passed by subsequent pace group, shuffle as fast as possible to prevent next pace group from passing you, get passed by next pace group, cross finish line, get medal, “oooo…purdy medal…my precious”, shuffle slowly to finishers photos, try to pretends for the camera that I can still stand up, get post race food, eat too much post race food, wonder how I am going to get back to my car, shuffle slowly to vehicle, get home, take long shower and eat too much, hang medal and file bib/results, and go to sleep. A few days later, I forget about the pain, write a blog report about how bad-ass I was crushing the course and all my rivals as I (again) missed a new PR, and I then lose a toenail, and start training for my next race.

It is the same story with every marathon. Three to four days after the race, one of my toenails decides that it has had enough and just jumps ship.

Yesterday, this whole comfortable routine was upended. Two toenails abandoned ship at the same time….during the taper. It’s like they finally figured out what was coming and decided to head for the hills before the toenail carnage could begin…

…or I am just getting old, and a slow 5k taper run is more then my feet can handle.

Hoping that this is a good omen for Sunday’s Pittsburgh Marathon, but I have a sneaking suspicion that my toenails are trying to tell me something…



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5 responses to “A Tale of Two Toenails

  1. Best of luck on that Mary. I have a toe trying to jump ship right now. I think you will hold off that last pace group this time.

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  2. Your opening paragraph reminds me JUST how diametrically opposed we are in race techniques lol…..
    I don’t carb load
    I am in and out of an expo in less than 20 min, even WDW races
    I don’t join ANY pace group
    I don’t do ‘fast’ lol…
    I don’t eat post race hardly at all
    I don’t generally sleep well night of the race (long ones anyway…..)
    I haven’t had ten toenails all at once in about 3 years

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    • I haven’t had 10 toenails in about 3 years either. But dropping two in one day (…and during a taper is odd). I am currently at 6. With a full and ultra in the next month, I may be losing a couple more…

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  3. It can get to be pretty routine, can’t it?

    I went up a half a shoe size and started keeping my toenails trimmed and stopped losing them. I highly recommend it!

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  4. I love the image of the toenails jumping ship! Good luck with the marathon Sunday šŸ™‚

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