Tapering With Uncertainty…

Yesterday, I ran 10 miles. That should be the last long-ish taper run of my marathon training.

I just don’t know which marathon I am running (if any)…

There are a lot of non-running life events that can affect running plans. Mine is the severe illness of a beloved pet (Peanut…one of my two “fur-babies”). This dog has had a lot of health issues in her life, and she has scared us more then once. She is thirteen now, and I didn’t think that she would pull through this time. She was started on THREE different antibiotics, THREE other stomach medications and had her high dose steroid (for a different health issue) cut down. I was doubtful that any of it would make a difference.


Meanwhile, I was scheduled to fly home to Canada next weekend to visit family. Pittsburgh was a short (ish) detour on my way to Canada and I was scheduled to run the Pittsburgh Marathon next Sunday (along with the 5k the day before to complete the “Steel Challenge”). A few days ago, I decided that I might have to reschedule the trip and would have to cancel Pittsburgh…my first DNS. Since I was trained for a marathon, I started to look around locally for alternatives. Fargo is having their marathon the following week. It would be a three hour drive and an overnight stay…a much shorter trip if I could not get to Pittsburgh ( and if if her health was stable enough that I could safely book an overnight trip). I have not yet registered but I did find a motel room and booked it as a back up.

I told my wife about my proposed change in plans. She told me not to be so hasty. Having a plan B is fine, but to see how Peanut responded to treatment before canceling the trip.

She got better…fast. Twenty-Four hours after starting the treatment, she was our old dog again.

So, plan A is still a go but subject to cancelation. I am holding my motel and watching the registration cap at Fargo to be sure I don’t get shut out of that one, and will watch my little girl and hope that she continues her miraculous recovery…



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  1. Sending lots of positive, healing thoughts to Peanut and hoping for a very speedy recovery!! Have a great race, no matter which one it is 😉

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