The Last Long Training Run…

…for a little while.

The Pittsburgh Marathon is coming up way too fast, and tapering will now begin. I am very undertrained for this race, but I still got a 21 miler in today (a VERY slow and painful 21 miles, but at least I cracked the 20 mile barrier once before race day). The good news is that my foot and ankle issues were almost non-existant during this run (although they were a little grumpy post-run). The pain I felt was just the standard quads and hamstrings stiffening up and voicing their displeasure about running so far. That said, it was a beautiful day for a run. Temps were in the low sixties and sunny. The wind was again an issue, but I’ll take it over the alternatives (artic temps, snow, sleet, etc). Nothing beats running in shorts, t-shirt, and sunscreen…

Spring marathons are tough for me. Unlike some of my peers (looking at you Rod!), I do not have the motivation or the courage to run outside in the ice and cold. I am still dealing with ankle pain from a winter related injury in 2012. So I stick to the treadmill through the winter months but can rarely motivate myself to go over 5k. By the time the weather even starts to behave, I am far behind on any marathon training plan.

I think that I just have to accept that spring marathons just are not for me. That is a shame since there are some great spring races out there…Boston (I would find a way to train for that one!), Big Sur, Los Angeles, Little Rock, Flying Pig, Goodlife Toronto, Fargo, and Pittsburgh. I am very glad that I got to experience the Flying Pig last year, but I was undertrained for that one as well.

Next week, I will start the taper with the Hot Chocolate 15k (cool metal, cool hoodie, and lots of chocolate during and after the run!). After that, a brief glide down into race day.

Once that is done, I have two events at the opposite end of the spectrum:

1) The TC 1 mile
2) The FANS 24 hour ultra marathon (realistically, this will be a 50k).

After that comes a brief triathlon season (all sprints) which should leave me plenty of time to properly train for my October races.

Prediction for Pittsburgh…I will hit the wall at mile 18, and will do the death march the rest of the way. My very weak marathon PR will not be in jeopardy…



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3 responses to “The Last Long Training Run…

  1. I’m with you…I HATE winter training but would also train for Boston IF i EVER qualified. :-). I ran the Philly Hot Chocolate, last week…awesome race. Enjoy your taper!!


    • I am at ZERO risk for qualifying, so I am not too worried about training for Boston (although it would be a great problem to have!) Hot chocolate should be a blast. I am a chocolate addict, and I can have all I want guild free next week…


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