The Long Run…

Training for the Pittsburgh Marathon continues. Race day is coming on fast.

As usual, I am going to be undertrained for my spring marathon. The winter cobwebs are lingering. I have three weekends left of hard training before I start to taper. Last week, I ran 15 miles. Yesterday’s goal was 18 (I ran 18.5 miles) then I will increase to 21 and 24 miles over the final two weeks. The week after that, I have the “Hot Chocolate” 15k, followed by a light taper week and then race day.

Yesterday was cool, windy but sunny. Temps were about 40F but the wind made it feel a lot colder. I layered up.

There was no time goal…just wanted to get the miles in. I loaded up the i-pod with some new music and headed out the door.

The details are boring, so I won’t go into those here. But there are a few points I want to make…

1) My foot and ankle didn’t hurt. This was a plesant surprise. Usually I am dealing with this in the first hundred yards or so…

2) I didn’t hurt. Well, not for awhile. Lap 6 (miles 15.5-18.5) saw my legs stiffening up and cramping up. But the first 15 miles were fairly comfortable.

3) I enjoyed myself a little bit more then I had in recent past. The layering was close to perfect, so I was not feeling the wind nor was I overheating (for the most part). This did make the whole thing more enjoyable.

4) It still felt like a chore. 3+ hours in the middle of my Saturday afternoon. I had to push myself out the front door. I definately don’t have my running mojo so far this season. Maybe the actual marathon will bring that excitement back to me. But I still know that this will be my last marathon “season”. I might sign up for one fall marathon next year, but even that is up in the air. I think shorter events gives me the right life balence and I enjoy them more. I think I would have gotten just as much health benefits in going for a 1.5 hour run as a 3.5 hour run and I would have enjoyed it more/dreaded it less.

5) 144 lb this morning on the scale. That is the first time I have seen anything under 145 lb since before my Ironman…



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