The Run After The Long Run…

It’s been awhile…

Last year, back to back long runs were common. When I was peak training, I was running 10k every day as my short run, with a medium run (12-15 miles) and a long run (20+ miles) every week. My total weekly miles are way down and my “long” runs are nonexistent. A 15 mile long run used to be the weekly norm when I was not training for any specific event.

As I said, it has been awhile.

My “long” run yesterday was a half marathon. I did decent time for the shape I am in. I followed that up today with a 10k training run. I had forgotten how stiff the muscles can get the day after the run…especially if they aren’t used to it. I again maintained a decent training pace, but I was fading by mile five.

Gotta shake out the cobwebs and get to work. Weekly mileage and the long run have to improve and quickly. Seven weeks until my next marathon. Twelve weeks until my ultra.

Time is getting short. The off season is officially over…


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