“Too much jogging as bad as no exercise at all”

Hmmm…might have to think about this. This looks to be coming from legitimate scientific research and it is not the first study to point to this. The whole point of exercise is to be healthier. Still have marathons on the adjenda for this year, but was planning to cut back after that anyways…





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5 responses to ““Too much jogging as bad as no exercise at all”

  1. I heard that too…. not a good thing, but all things in moderation, right? They also said that slower mile times were better than fast, so a marathon mile pace may not be that bad for you. I know my pace isn’t an issue!! Plus, if I don’t run I may go crazy, so it is probably worth the risk.


    • I just completed my tenth marathon and I have four more coming this year (and an ultra). I am gradually finding that I am better suited to shorter races (I can run a half marathon, but survive a full). The whole point of this is to stay healthy and have fun, so if marathon running is doing neither, then it is time for me to rethink. I need more balance in my life then I received from my 20+ hour training weeks when I was in peak Ironman training mode (never ever doing that again)…


      • wow! Ironman. I am not even attempting that! I run for the sceanery, so I am thinking about trail running. HOw long an ultra? That is also amazing. But I agree, if it is not fun, then the point is missing. Putting less pressure on yourself and doing races you actually enjoy can only be good for you.


  2. The news article doesn’t discuss any other factors. If you read the original study, I can just about guarantee that they either didn’t control for other lifestyle factors like diet, or that there is some other serious flaw with the study. Either that, or the news source completely misinterpreted the conclusions.

    Every single time there’s a report of a study like this, it’s one of the above issues. It happens frequently – and when it’s a flawed study it’s a real problem, because lots of research after that study can rely on it and it causes lots of problems down the road. If it’s just a news agency trying to make a headline, it still causes problems because a lot of people will base their life decisions on it, for a very long time sometimes, and that can really hurt their ability to stay healthy.

    If you happen across the original study let me know and I’ll take a look at it and see if I can figure out why they came up with this fairly obviously erroneous conclusion. -Jack


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