I Run Half Marathons, but I Survive Full Marathons…

This is something I read on someone else’s blog. In one line he summarized what I was trying to express in my blog post last week. I run short races (5k to half marathon). But I crash and burn on the second half of the full marathon. After ten marathons, I have been unable to unlocks the secret of that event. My pace slows to a crawl, I end up walking bigger and bigger parts on the final third of the race (aids stations, uphills, etc) and my time tanks. My typical finish time is almost an hour slower then what is predicted based on my HM finish times. I have tried multiple different racing, training, and nutrition stategies and it always ends up with the same results. That is why I questioned my sanity in continuing to run marathons. My talents and endurence seems better suited to somewhat shorted events. If I can RUN the whole thing, I can get better at it and push myself harder. But, a PR means little if I am just trying to survive the event…and it is much less fun.

But, I am always lured back (the bling is always so much nicer!) I guess I keep hoping that I will someday be able to actually run a marathon from start to finish. If I can, it will be a breakthrough, and my current PR will be crushed (just like my 5k, 10k, HM and 70.3 finish times were destroyed once I was able to maintain a race pace from start to finish).

Do I keep trying for a breakthrough, or do I accept what my first ten marathons seem to have made quite clear? I can participate in a marathon, I can survive a marathon, I can finish a marathon, but I can’t run a marathon. If I want to run, I need to select shorter races.

“Insanity: doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.”
Albert Einstein



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3 responses to “I Run Half Marathons, but I Survive Full Marathons…

  1. Oh definitely keep trying but also think about that quote. Why not try a novel training approach? Seriously, mix it up. Why not a three day a week running program? Or up your mileage 20% but run them all slowly?

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  2. Keep trying! If it keeps calling you back, then it’s definitely an important goal to chase. Maybe 2015 will be the year of the break through?

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  3. You CAN run a marathon…….but burning out on first half is what is killing you……

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