Training Week #30 (Race Week)

My final training week, which wasn’t much of a training week. I was focusing on the open water swim, and got a long swim without a wetsuit (just in case) and  very short spins and shorter runs. I did my last loop around the neighborhood, and my last workout before leaving for Madison was identical to my first. I was not going out on the bike, too many participants seemed to be getting injured on their last rides…everyone recommended to stay inside where it was safe!

Once I got to Madison, I only did one workout-an open water swim in Lake Monona. The water tempurature was such that I knew that I would go with a sleeveless wetsuit and I wanted to have a little practice on the actual course.

Race day came and went. This will be documented in other posts. But it gives me my final totals for this training block: over 4000 miles and over 450 hours. I am stunned by these numbers. I didn’t know I could dedicate myself to training like this. In the end it was all worthwhile. I am an Ironman.


The Plan:

Tuesday-1:00 swim/1:00 run
Wednesday-0:45 bike/0:15 run (with transition)
Thursday-0:30 swim/1:00 bike
Friday-0:40 run
Saturday-0:15 bike/0:20 run

1:30 hour swim, 2:00 hour bike, 2:15 hour run
Total-5:45 hours + Race/12 activities

What I did:
Monday-0:33 run/0:54 OWS-no wetsuit (3.1 mile/1.2 mile)
Wednesday-0:37 bike/0:18 run (8.75 miles/2.0 miles)
Friday-0:50 OWS-sleeveless-Lake Monona (1.25 miles)
Sunday-1:28 swim/7:38 bike/6:10 run (2.4 miles/112 miles/26.2 miles)

Weekly Total
3:12 swim, 8:15 bike, 7:01 run (% change from week 29: -12.7%, 43.9%, -46.3%)
4.85 mile swim, 120.75 mile bike, 31.3 mile run (% change from week 29: -4.0%, +50.2%, +173.4%)

Total-18:28 hours/156.9 miles/8 activities

Final 30 Week Grand Totals:
Swim-79:51 hours/116.15 miles
Bike-193:13 hours/2818.05 miles
Run-184:15 hours/1066.2 miles

Total-457:19 hours/4000.4 miles



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3 responses to “Training Week #30 (Race Week)

  1. Wow…..flat out WOW!!!!!! That’s a whole HELL of a lot of miles!!!!

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  2. So 30 weeks? 4000miles divided by 30 weeks=133.33 miles EACH WEEK average? Holy tomatoes!

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