Madison: Day 5

The most cruel thing about Ironman weekend is having to get up at 5:30 am the day after the race. This is because all of the “Ironman Finisher’s” gear shows up in the Ironman Store when it opens at 7 am. If you want an overpriced Finishers Jacket, then you better be in line by 6 am. I staggered out of bed and made my way to Monona Terrace. It was 6 am and the line already had a few hundred people in it. I joined the herd and spent an hour chatting about our experiences. When I finally entered the store, I lost all self control. Different finishers shirts, hooded sweatshirt, running jacket and the true jacket that everyone wanted.

Right afterwards, I stopped for the complementary post race breakfast, which was actually pretty good. On my way out of Monona Terrace (for the final time), I saw that they did bring back the special needs bags. I didn’t put much of value in there, but I had a few spare tubes and CO2 cartridges so I grabbed them. I looked around, and the finishers chute was gone. It was just another road with a few parked cars. Transition was a parking lot again. The expo was gone as well. Madison had returned to everyday life. It was time for me to do the same. I grabbed my gear, headed back to the hotel and packed for the drive home…



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2 responses to “Madison: Day 5

  1. You DESERVED to go crazy with the gear! I can totally see why this would be a ‘one and done’ for a lot of people……I did the math on your training….it AVERAGES to 133 miles a WEEK!!! LAWDY!

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    • Yep. I almost never buy anything at marathons or triathlons anymore (have too many finishers shirts as it is). But, this was a 2 1/2 year obsession, and every day of the last 30 weeks started with figuring out my training schedule for the day. So, this one warranted blowing a few bucks since most of this finishers gear with the date on it is only available the morning after the race…


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