Madison: Day 3

The calm before the storm.

The weather today turned beautiful. High in the low 70’s. No wind. Dewpoints in the low 50’s. Perfect weather in every way. There is a University of Wisconsin football game today so the whole downtown is alive. Food carts, a farmers market, an art fair, and buskers are on every corner. I had to bring my bike and my transition gear to Monona terrace today. Other then that, it was a pretty mellow day. There is a small meet up this afternoon, and I will be carb loading again. But, aside from that, I thought I would just share some images of the event, and of Madison.

Me, on the roof of Monona Terrace (home base for the event and transition).



Run gear. Instead of leaving our gear with the bikes, we had to organize them and drop it off today.



Men’s changing area (the sign states that nudity is allowed).image



Part of the expo.



View of Lake Monona. The little blue thing in the distance is the ski jump ramp. The starting line is there. Can you see all of the little yellow, orange, and red dots in the water. Me neither. But that would be the outline of the course. It is huge…

image image


More of the expo.



Bike transition (part of it anyways).



Finish area. The iconic Wisconsin Legislature is in the background. Makes for a great finish line photo.

image image image


Madison street festival. Perfect day to just be wandering about.

image image





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  1. I’m hoping for a repeat of today’s weather for you tmrw my friend………….I’ll be stalking you as best I can 🙂


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