Madison: Day 1

The day started early. I was in no real rush to get to Madison, but I am so used to being awake at 3 am that I just could not go back to sleep. I got up, finished packing and made the drive. Got out of Mpls before rush hour got too bad. I was surprisingly calm. The weather was poor, but that was going to change by race day. So the heat, wind, humidity and lightning was causing me any alarm.

I was starving by the time I hit town, and I went to the Olive Garden to start the carb loading. By noon, I was done eating and checked in to my downtown hotel. I am fairly close to the expo and transition (a 15 minute walk) and headed down to Monona terrace. I figured that I had time to get there, register and get to the 2 pm athlete briefing. About a third of athletes were expected to check in today, and it was nice to beat tomorrows mayhem.

Registration was as smooth as you would expect. Photo I.D., waivers, weight in, timing chip, bib, swim cap. Shirt and hat would be at the finish line. But we got a backpack, bike repair tool and poster. Then off to the Ironman Store.

I knew I would go overboard, and I did. This would be my only full Ironman,  and I was going to splurge. I got a full tri-kit, cycling shorts, jersey, arm warmers. Got a t-shirt, hooded sweatshirt, and long sleeve tech-T (all with all of our names on the back). Finished it off with a hat and 2 coffee mugs. I will go back on Monday (if I finish) for the finishers jacket. I may also get the shadow box with bib, photo, plaque, and extra medal. At that booth, they had an advanced copy of the finishers medal. They used the IMOO trademark design (sketch of the Wisconsin legislature) with the IMOO logo in the middle. It is similar to the Louisville design concept from last month. The Louisville medal was beautiful.  Madison…not so much. I will let you decide…




Here is Louisville for comparison…


At another booth, a company was showing off it’s high tech scale that did a comprehensive body composition analysis. Here were some of the more interesting results:

% Body Fat: 5% (I am “underfat”)

Total body fat mass: 7.4 lbs

Bone Mass: 7.0 (almost ideal)

Metabolic Age: 12.0 Years (must have mixed that up with “maturity”)

Needed caloric daily intake: 3831 calories

Visceral Fat Rating (no idea what this means, but under 12 is good): 3

Physique Rating: 9-Very Muscular (highest possible rating).

Uhhh…OK. Very flattering. But my % body fat is about 15% based on my home scale and recent biometric evaluation. I have osteoporosis, so my bone mass is not idea. And “very muscular”…not exactly. A fun exercise, but I did not feel compelled to purchase their scale!

The athlete briefing had a few surprises. They announced that the mass start would be a wave start. That was a mistake and clarified that after the briefing. But they also announced that our special needs bags would not be returned. Everything left would be thrown out. I had planned on leaving my prescription sunglasses in my special needs run bag when it got too dark to wear them. Guess that plan needed to be changed.

I met up afterwards with a few other athletes from the Twin Cities for dinner (more Italian) before heading back to the hotel for the night.






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3 responses to “Madison: Day 1

  1. great write up…………..almost afraid to ask……..HOW much did you spend at the expo? LOL What was the deal with getting your name on the back of the stuff? just the exhibitor’s “thing”
    “This would be my only full Ironman”……….riiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiight!
    have a relaxing day and sleep WELL tonight, cause you KNOW you ain’t tmrw night


  2. My brother went down to Louisville and got on the same scale. I’m thinking I might just have to go to one of these expos to try it out. Sounds pretty sweet. Did you get the cellular water reading, too?


  3. Nice read! My wife and I are heading up tomorrow morning, we are volunteering on Sunday morning in the change rooms. Very exciting!! We volunteered 2 years ago, and my wife did the race last year. It’s my turn next year, so I’ll be in your exact shoes in 365 days (yikes). Best of luck this weekend, rest well, and stick with your plan – have faith in the time and training you’ve put it — enjoy the day and all it’s moments!


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