Defining An Ironman

Another little motivational blurb from Facebook. This nicely puts into word what I have been feeling for awhile. This journey has been about the journey itself…


Ironman does not define you. Finishing an Ironman does not define you. A DNF does not define you.

What defines you is your dedication to yourself. Your ability to drag your tired ass out of bed over the last several months defines you. Your push to get back in the water, on the saddle or into the shoes defines you. To take on the challenge of not the event, but the sacrifice that is the training defines you. To do, what others look on at in awe defines you.

Take these coming weeks to really appreciate what you have done, what you have sacrificed and what you have to look forward to post race. We all have a support network out there. For some it may be right at home in their spouse & kids. For others it’s a network of social friends, training mates or even just this Facebook group, but you have support.

Be thankful for everything they have given up to help you get through the training. Whether it’s being a single parent every Saturday and Sunday, or adjusting their schedule so you can join a group ride or understanding why you’re wearing compression sleeves when you join them for dinner out in town.
The tough part is over, seriously… it’s over. These coming 3 weeks will bring on many emotions: fear, anxiety, nervousness, doubt, and even feeling giddy (yes giddy)… make sure one thing you feel is appreciation.

Appreciation for what this past year has meant since the day of our registration. Appreciate the good and the bad that has happened and your ability to keep on moving forward. I know I will.

Ironman does not define you. I believe we define Ironman. We give it whatever meaning, significance and rationale we need, to justify it’s existence in our life.
Treat Ironman Sunday as your own special reward day and bask in the all of the glory for being there.

See you there.



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  1. I love the line “I believe we define Ironman”…SO true!!

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