Bling Motivation…

I love bling. With every North American Ironman race this year, I sea the internet for photos of the finishers medal. Every time, it make me want one even more. Hopefully, in less then three weeks, that dream will be realized. Until then, I can look at these and dream…


Ironman Texas:



Ironman Coeur d’Alene:



Ironman Lake Placid:



Ironman Canada:




Ironman Boulder:



Ironman Mont-Tremblant:




Ironman Louisville:




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3 responses to “Bling Motivation…

  1. Ironman medals are incredible, I received my first 70.3 medal the other week and was smiling the whole time I was wearing it. I was also genuinely concerned that I would forget to take it back with me or leave it somewhere by accident. It now sits on my mantelpiece waiting for some friends to join it 🙂

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    • Yeah. Ironman medals are special. I got my in 2012 at the very end of the season (Steelhead 70.3). I loved it so much that I bought a special wall display for it (Sporthooks, with the IM logo, swim/bike/run cut outs, and 10 hooks). That one medal was awfully lonely looking and I spent most of 2013 getting it some new friends… 🙂

      Congratulations on your first 70.3! I am certain that it will have a few friends soon!!! When will you post a race report and a pic of the finishers medal?


      • yea I noticed the Sporthooks they look really cool. I’ve got my first part of the blog coming out tonight then the rest hopefully before the end of the week 🙂 I have a lot to fit in to the blog lol


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