The Training Cycle In Review

Ironman 140.6 Training Update:

I am participating in my first full Ironman Triathlon in Madison Wisconsin on September 7th. I have just completed week 27 of my 30 week training program. My last day of “Peak Training” was yesterday, and I start to taper now. This has been an incredibly intense experience and I have no plans on ever doing this again…no matter what happens on race day.

So far, I have averaged 15 hours and 18 minutes of training/week over the last 27 weeks. That comes out to 2:11 every day, or 2:33 every training day.

Last week, I reached the following milestones:
-100 total swimming miles
-2500 total cycling miles
-400 total training hours

This week, I should reach 1000 total running miles (I am only 9 miles away).

Total number of swims >2.4 miles: 13
Total number of swims >2.0 miles: 22

Total number of bike rides > 112 miles: 4
Total number of bike rides > 80 miles: 10

Total number of runs > 26.2 miles: 2
Total number of runs > 20.0 miles: 10

Total number of training weeks > 20 hours: 5

Longest Swim: 3.75 miles
Longest Bike Ride: 115 miles
Longest Run: 31.1 miles (50 km)
Longest Brick: 115 mile bike/23.3 mile run

Longest Training Week: 28 hours 42 minutes
Most Running Miles In One Week: 83.9 miles

Personal Records Broken:
5K-22:49 (broke old PR by 0:40). Placed 382/4949 overall
10K-47:41 (broke old record by 4:30). Placed 152/3645 overall
70.3 (“Half-Ironman”)-6:13:51 (broke old record by 52:30-achieved PR’s in the swim, bike and run)

Qualified for the Houston Marathon and front coral placement in the Houston 5k.

I also broke a rib and was diagnosed with osteoporosis.

For the past several months, I typically got up at 3am to workout before work. My plan calls for some type of training activity 6 days a week. I am usually in bed by 9pm (lately 8pm).

The next 3 weeks will see a dramatic cutback in volume (14 hours of training  this week, 9 the next week, and practically nothing on race week).

I feel that I am ready, but I know that there are a lot of variables that are out of my control, and finishing is far from a certainty. All I want is to finish, and I think I put in the hours and the miles to achieve that goal. But, illness, injury, weather, bike mechanical are all variables that I can only hope will go my way.

I am looking forward to this being over with. It is too much and I have lost balance in my life. I have a very understanding wife, and I could not have gone thru this without her support. After this race, triathlon season will be over and I will focus on running only. I will return to triathlon next year, but I don’t know to what degree. No Full IM’s, that is for sure. I might do a 70.3, I may just do sprints. We shall see.

For now, will focus on resting, healing, sleeping, recovery and nutrition. I have done all that I can. In three weeks, I will find out if it was enough…


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