Training Week #27 (Peak Training Week)

This was it, the final week of peak Ironman training. Several weeks ago, I was struggling to complete 12-14 hours of training per week. But I kept pushing and have been completing 22-23 hour training weeks for the last 4 weeks. After this week, I would need to cut back and rest. This was my last chance to push myself as hard as possible. I doubt I will ever have this opportunity again. I continued my daily run to improve my run fitness while fatigued. I would extend my long brick and long run. There were 2 more ironman distance swims. Numerous milestones were reached this week. 100 mile total swim. 2500 mile total bike. 400 total training hours. I will likely hit 1000 running miles next week. I completed my first ever ultra distance run (50k) on my final training day. This week shows my biggest running volume ever-83.9 miles. It was also my biggest training week of my life, logging 28 hours and 42 minutes of physical activity.

This was also a week of “the last time”. Since I do not plan on running another full distance triathlon again, I doubt I will ride more then 60 miles or swim more then 1.5 miles ever again. Hitting those final workouts was somewhat bittersweet.

Moving forward, I need to cut way back. I must let my body heal and recover while not losing fitness. Sleep will be as important as anything else. Adjusting my nutrition for the decreased activity will be critical. I also need to work on a few skills. Mostly, I need to add some open water wetsuit swims. Finally, I need to sort out some logistical issues (special needs bags, flashlights for night running, final bike tune up, reviewing the event guide, etc). There is nothing more that I can do to improve my race day fitness. I just need to stay healthy and focused on my ultimate goal…

The Plan:

Tuesday-1:00 swim/1:00 run
Wednesday-1:00 bike/0:30 run (with transition)
Thursday-1:00 swim/1:30 bike
Friday-1:30 run
Saturday-6:00 bike/1:00 run
Sunday-1:30 bike/3:00 run

2 hour swim, 10:00 hour bike, 7:00 hour run
Total-19 hours/11 activities

What I did:
Monday-0:47 bike/1:00 run (10 miles/6.5 miles)
Wednesday-1:00 run/1:38 swim (6.5 miles/2.5 miles)
Thursday-7:20 bike/4:03 run (114.1 miles/23.3 miles)
Friday-1:42 swim/1:06 run (2.5 miles/6.5 miles)
Saturday-1:41 run/2:07 bike (10 miles/26 miles)
Sunday-5:52 run (31.1 miles)

Weekly Total
3:20 swim, 10:14 bike, 15:08 run (% change from week 26: -3.4%, -0.3%, +58.5%)
5.0 mile swim, 150.1 mile bike, 83.9 mile run (% change from week 26: +0.0%, -0.9%, +48.0%)

Total-28:42 hours/239.0 miles/11 activities

Grand Totals:
Swim-69:32 hours/101.0 miles
Bike-173:54 hours/2540.0 miles
Run-169:53 hours/991.7 miles

Total-413:19 hours/3632.7 miles

3 weeks to go.


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