Training Week #26 (Peak Training Week)

My penultimate peak training week, and my biggest yet. Over 23 hours this week. One more big week to go (aka: “Hell Week”). That one will likely top 25 hours. It will basically be a carbon copy of this week except for a 15 mile run off the bike, and a long run over 26.2 miles. I an coming up on some impressive workout totals that I never would have believed possible when I started this journey 26 weeks ago. I feel that I have done everything I can to prepare. Just 7 more days until I can start to taper. I am ready for that too. My body has never been so physically fatigued…

The Plan:

Tuesday-1:00 swim/1:00 run
Wednesday-1:00 bike/0:30 run (with transition)
Thursday-1:00 swim/1:30 bike
Friday-1:30 run
Saturday-5:30 bike/1:00 run
Sunday-1:15 bike/2:45 run

2 hour swim, 9:15 hour bike, 6:45 hour run
Total-18 hours/11 activities

What I did:
Monday-0:45 bike/1:00 run (10 miles/6.5 miles)
Wednesday-1:00 run/1:44 swim (6.5 miles/2.5 miles)
Thursday-7:31 bike/1:06 run (115.4 miles/6.6 miles)
Friday-1:00 run/1:43 swim (6.5 miles/2.5 miles)
Saturday-2:00 bike/1:00 run (26 miles/6.6 miles)
Sunday-4:27 run (24 miles)

Weekly Total
3:27 swim, 10:16 bike, 9:33 run (% change from week 25: -7.2%, +35.1%, -14.6%)
5.0 mile swim, 151.4 mile bike, 56.7 mile run (% change from week 25: +0.0%, +36.9%, -10.0%)

Total-23:16 hours/213.1 miles/11 activities

Grand Totals:
Swim-66:12 hours/96.0 miles
Bike-163:40 hours/2389.9 miles
Run-154:45 hours/907.8 miles

Total-384:37 hours/3393.7 miles

4 weeks to go.


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