Flashback Fridays 24: Twin Cities 5K

October 5, 2013.

It was a cool fall morning. Looked like rain.

I didn’t care.

Ever since Disneyland, I had been haunted by the 5k.

It was a PR, and a big one.

And, it was an untimed fun run. I forgot to look at the clock. I forgot to click my Garmin. I had no idea what my PR was. Low 24 minute range was my best guess.

I signed up for this event for only one reason…redemption. I needed to get an official PR. I would sprint the whole thing, or fall over trying.

Weather was perfect. I had access to to the Corporate Team Challenge tent. Sweet. Private bag check, food, coffee, porta-potties.

I got ready, and posed for the team photo. Lined up as close to the start as I could, and flew out of the gates.

I was passing a lot of runners. I kept looking at the Garmin and telling myself that it wasn’t fast enough. I would look ahead and find someone a little faster then me, and force myself to keep up.

The rain started. I barely noticed.

It was an out and back run. At the turnaround, I was finally able to see those behind me. There were a lot of people. I could not believe what I was accomplishing. But the race was only half done. I tried to push myself a little harder. I can finally see the finish line.

A co-worker had come out to cheer me on and to take a photo at the finish. Her camera was still in her purse. She had not expected me so soon. I wave but don’t slow down.

I cross the finish line a few seconds later, finally understanding what it is like to completely leave everything you have on the course.

Finish Time: 23:29

Age Group Place: 10/79

Overall Place: 149/2447

Allina Corporate Team Place: 1/45

I spent the rest of the day amazed with the result. I had always viewed myself as a slow runner. This changed my opinion. I was getting better at the short course. I was getting faster…



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