Training Week #23 (Madison Boot Camp Training Week)

Although it is too early to be peaking, I did peak training this week (23 training hours…I will not be repeating that training intensity again). Coming back from my Half-Ironman in Muncie Indiana, I drove right thru the site of Ironman Wisconsin. I took most of the week off so that I could spend a few days to train on the actual bike and run course. Since I had nothing else to do, and I was taking time off work to do it, I did a lot of training. The details of my time in Verona will be a separate post, but I toured the bike loop 4 times and in am very familiar with the layout and the challenges. This was easily the most important week in my training program and I am pleased with the results. I know what I am up against, and I know what I must work on. I have 4 training weeks to go and I feel confident that I will be ready for the challenges ahead.

The Plan:

Tuesday-1:00 swim/1:15 run
Wednesday-0:45 bike/0:30 run (with transition)
Thursday-1:00 swim/1:30 bike
Friday-1:30 run
Saturday-5:00 bike/0:45 run
Sunday-0:45 bike/2:00 run

2 hour swim, 8:00 hour bike, 6:00 hour run
Total-16 hours/11 activities

What I did:
Monday-6:18 bike (93.8 miles)
Tuesday-2:56 bike/2:30 run (41.9 miles/14.0 miles)
Wednesday-2:56 bike (41.8 miles)
Thursday-1:29 swim (2.0 miles)
Saturday-4:13 run (24.0 miles)
Sunday-2:04 swim/0:34 run (2.5 miles/3.2 miles)

Weekly Total
3:33 swim, 12:10 bike, 7:17 run (% change from week 22: +204.0%, +73.0% , +96.8%)
4.5 mile swim, 177.5 mile bike, 41.2 mile run (% change from week 22: +150%, +62.0%, +83.9%)

Total-23:00 hours/223.2 miles/8 activities

Grand Totals:
Swim-53:45 hours/78.95 miles
Bike-136:16 hours/1987.8 miles
Run-126:48 hours/743.5 miles
Total-316:49 hours/2810.25 miles

7 weeks to go.


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