Training Week #22 (Half Ironman Week)

Before I even decided to compete in Ironman Wisconsin, I knew I would be competing in the Muncie 70.3. It was the last Ironman 70.3 event in driving distance. When I signed up for Wisconsin, I picked a training plan and found that there was a 70.3 as a part of the plan. I pulled out the calendar and Muncie landed just one day off from where the plan called for it. Perfect coincidence! Driving to Muncie also brings me right through Madison, so I could easily stay in Madison for a few days to train on the bike and run course. Perfect!

The Muncie race report will be a separate post, as well as my 4 days in Madison. But, let’s just say that my race was a huge confidence boost, and my first day in Madison was an absolute disaster…


The Plan:

Tuesday-1:00 swim/1:00 run
Wednesday-0:45 bike/0:30 run (with transition)
Thursday-0:30 swim/1:00 bike
Friday-0:40 run
Saturday-0:15 bike/0:20 run

1:30 hour swim, 2:00 hour bike, 2:30 hour run plus race
Total-6:00 hours/9 activities plus race.

What I did:
Monday-0:45 bike/0:28 run (10 miles/3.1 miles)
Tuesday-0:57 run (6.2 miles)
Wednesday-0:45 bike (10 miles)
Thursday-Rest (travel)
Friday-0:29 OWS (0.6 miles)
Saturday-0:41 swim/2:58 bike/2:16 run (1.2 miles/56 miles/13.1 miles)
Sunday-2:34 bike (33.6 miles)

Weekly Total
1:10 swim, 7:02 bike, 3:41 run (% change from week 21: -66.0%, -25.4% , -25.1%)
1.8 mile swim, 109.6 mile bike, 22.4 mile run (% change from week 21: -60%, -15.7%, -29.3%)

Total-11:53 hours/133.8 miles/9 activities

Grand Totals:
Swim-50:12 hours/74.45 miles
Bike-124:06 hours/1810.3 miles
Run-119:31 hours/702.3 miles
Total-293:49 hours/2587.05 miles

8 weeks to go.



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