Training Week #21 (Peak Training Week)

Peak training has started. I was also heading into my 70.3 week. So I attempted to get most of my big workouts done earlier in the week, so I could have a mini-taper starting over the weekend. I did an 85 mile ride, which is starting to feel like a normal ride. I did stop a few times since the ride started pretty cold and I had to shed layers after every lap. But, I avoided the longer “breaks” that I was constantly doing earlier in the year. I saw on another blog that a fellow triathlete would cut up her nutrition bars and put them in her bento bag (on the cross bar of her bike). I thought this was a great idea and cut up about 5 Cliff Bars and put them in. I was on my last piece as I was racking the bike. This should work well for my IM (I will need a second baggie in my “Bike Special Needs Bag” so that I have enough for the whole course).

I did wipe out once during that ride. I was coming up to a red light and had unclipped and was coming to a stop. As I put my foot down, my shoe accidentally reclipped and down I went. Got a little road rash on my right knee and strained my left ankle…but this was  good to run on a couple of hours later. When I got home, I googled some pages about avoiding falls with clipless pedals and learned a few techniques to avoid this in the future. I also (finally) reached a point in my training where I have biked more hours then I have run. The number of hours in the saddle should eclipse the number of running hours, but we had a long cold winter and I just could not endure long hours on the trainer. That, along with an early season marathon has lead to a top-heavy run portion to my training that I have been gradually chipping away at.

I am starting to freak out about my lack of open-water training. I have only 2 open-water swims all year. The first was at a sprint-triathlon. The second was just to check out my local lake to see if it would make a good training facility (I didn’t have my wetsuit and the water was cold, so I only swam for about 0.4 miles). It seemed perfect. Unfortunately, swimmers itch is now a problem at that lake (and most other area lakes). I would likely take my chances for a triathlon, but not for training. I don’t think I need a lot of open water training, but a few sessions will be important (and I really want at least one 2.4 mile session in open water before race day).

Finally, I did add a half-marathon to the schedule this week. I have run the “Red,  White, & Boom Half Marathon” for the last 2 years and it was a fun way to change things up a little. I would have likely run about 13-15 miles that morning anyways.

The Plan:

Tuesday-1:00 swim/1:15 run
Wednesday-0:45 bike/0:30 run (with transition)
Thursday-1:00 swim/1:30 bike
Friday-1:15 run
Saturday-4:00 bike/0:45 run
Sunday-1:15 bike/1:15 run

2 hour swim, 7:30 hour bike, 5:00 hour run
Total-14:30 hours/11 activities

What I did:
Monday-0:45 bike/0:28 run (10 miles/3.1 miles)
Tuesday-1:25 swim/1:31 bike (2 miles/20.0 miles)
Wednesday-0:53 run/2:01 swim (6.2 miles/2.5 miles)
Thursday-5:40 bike/0:28 run (85 miles/3.1 miles)
Friday-2:07 run/1:30 bike (13.1 miles/15 miles)
Saturday-0:59 run (6.2 miles)

Weekly Total
3:26 swim, 9:26 bike, 4:55 run (% change from week 20: +8.4%,  +118%, +4.2%)
4.5 mile swim, 130.0 mile bike, 31.7 mile run (% change from week 20: -5.3%, +95.2%, +16.5%)

Total-17:47 hours/166.2 miles/11 activities

Grand Totals:
Swim-49:02 hours/72.65 miles
Bike-117:04 hours/1700.7  miles
Run-115:50 hours/679.9 miles
Total-281:56 hours/2453.25 miles

9 weeks to go.


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