Race Report: Trinona Sprint Triathlon

June 8, 2014.

This was the kind of day that made me fall I love with triathlon. The weather started cool but clear. There was little to no wind.  The water was reported at 72,5 (felt warmer). It was going to be a wetsuit free race.The temperature climbed to just about perfect.

2014 Trinona

Perfect day for Lifetime Fitness Trinona Triathlon. Amazing venue and great weather. And easily a PR for the sprint distance.

Transition opened at 5am. I got body marked and racked my bike. I have a minimalist approach to the sprint. I try to keep the gear and the transition as basic as possible. I was plesently surprised by the warm water tempurature. I decided to go for a wetsuit free warmup swim and decided to ditch the wetsuit altogether. As the sun rose over the horizon, I was taken aback by the sheer  beauty of the venue.

This was going to be a great day.

I went through the normal preparations. Transition was organized. I triple checked my gear, then moved through the announcements and the national anthem. Olympic racers went first so my wave was not going to start for awhile. Wave after wave and it was eventually my turn. It was a time trial start…two at a time every 3 seconds. The water was green, but comfortable. I had no trouble getting to the first turn buoy. But, after the first turn, the marker buoys were yellow…so were the swim caps of everyone in the wave in front of me. Sighting was impossible. I seemed to be passing a lot of swimmers as I made my way, but was slowed down by swimmers in front of me breast or back stroking. Eventually made my way to the last turn buoy and made my way to shore.


Swim (0.25 miles)- 9:25 (2:09/100 yards)

T1 was good for me. I was in and out pretty fast, but took a little while to get my socks and shoes on to my wet feet. But, overall, pleased with the improved efficiency.

T1- 3:52

I had to fiddle with the clipless pedals and my bike computer was acting odd. Probably wasted close to a minute on that. Then, I was flying. The course was beautiful and rolling. Free speed everywhere, but a few tight turns. There were a few cars on the narrow out and back road that was really bothersome…since there were times that we had no shoulder or railing, but just a steep drop. I did not stay as far right as I should have. I was yelling “on your left” a lot on this ride…and it felt great!

It was a short bike course (11 miles) and I was at the turnaround in no time. That’s when I found a headwind. Nothing bad, but it did slow me down a little…but I was still flying, and pushing myself as hard as I could. I am still tentative on the downhill, and I kept being passed by the same rider (I would pass her going up, she would pass me on the way down). This continued all the way back into T2.


Bike (11 miles)- 36:53 (17.9 mph)

Another fast transition.

T2- 2:12

I was out on the run course. There is a paved bike path going around the lake. The course was a simple out and back and was pancake flat. The sun was high in the sky and the tempurature was likely about 70 degrees. There was a light breeze keeping me comfortable. I was passing some runners but was getting passed too. I felt like I was barely moving, but I maintained a paste in the 8:30 min/mile range which I was happy with. I had another technology issue on the run. I turned off my GPS on my Garmin early that morning so the battery wouldn’t get used up. I never turned it back on. So, I had no idea how fast I was going for the first half-mile or so. Once I got that fixed, I was able to settle into a rhythm. Again, I was trying to push myself, but the legs just wasn’t going to go any faster after the bike. As I came up to the turnaround, we hit an aid station. Not sure why a GU would be helpful with 1.5 miles to go, so I just grabbed so Gatorade to drink and ice water to wear. Kept the pace up pretty steady until the last half mile at which point I got a little speed to pass a cluster of runners in front of me just before entering the finishers chute.

2014 Trinona

Run (3.1 miles)- 26.05 (8:25/mile)

Finish Time -1:18:26 (Overall 140/376)

Not a bad weekend of racing with a broken rib… 🙂



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4 responses to “Race Report: Trinona Sprint Triathlon

  1. Great race Raymond! And I’m sure a great confidence boost to PR with a broken rib! Way to go!


    • Thanks! PR’s are hard to evaluate in shorter distance triathlons since the distances of the different legs vary from race to race. So, I would probably have to look at speed for each leg to see if I am improving or not. I need to study my results to be sure, but I know that I never got a bike or run mph in a triathlon this fast.


  2. Congrats!! No broken rib is going to stop you! 🙂


    • Thanks! The rib is barely noticeable most of the times and I rarely even think about it. I just need to be careful not to re-injure it over the next few weeks. I’m a clutz, so it’s a legitimate concern…


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