Training Week #17 (Triathlon Build Week/Lots of Small Events)

A mixed bag of a week.

The broken rib feels fine. Work and life are harder to balance on some weeks and has certainly gotten in the way of some of my workouts (especially on the swim days). My long bike day was supposed to be real long (like 112 miles long) followed by a long run. My right hip started getting very irritated, so I stopped after 72 miles with no run.

I had a bunch of weekend events (some of the last until the Ironman) with lots of traveling. The triathlon was amazing. The half was meh. The Time Trial was a completely new experience. The events re-energized me for the journey ahead. Next week, the regular routine resumes and I am kind of looking forward to it…

The Plan:
Tuesday-1:00 swim/1:00 run
Wednesday-0:45 bike/0:30 run (with transition)
Thursday-1:00 swim/1:15 bike
Friday-1:15 run
Saturday-3:30 bike/0:30 run
Sunday-1:00 bike/1:15 run

2 hour swim, 6:30 hour bike, 4:30 hour run
Total-13 hours/11 activities

What I did:
Monday-0:46 bike/0:28 run(10 miles/3.1 miles)
Wednesday-1:45 swim (2.5 miles)
Thursday-4:29 bike (71.5 miles)
Friday-1:20 swim (2.0 miles)
Saturday-2:10 run/ 0:15 bike (13.1 miles/3.1 miles)-Lola’s Half Marathon/Trinona Time Trial
Sunday-0:09 swim/0:37 bike/0:27 run (0.25 miles/11 miles/3.1 miles)-Trinona Sprint Triathlon

Weekly Total
3:05 swim, 6:07 bike, 3:05 run (% change from week 16: +15.6%, +15.8%, -33.0%)
4.75 mile swim, 95.9 mile bike, 19.3 mile run (% change from week 16: +18.8%, +41.0%, -4.5%)

Total-12:17 hours/119.95 miles/10 activities

Grand Totals:
Swim-37:00 hours/55.25 miles
Bike-87:11 hours/1266.2 miles
Run 94:36 hours/550.8 miles
Total-218:47 hours/1872.25 miles

13 weeks to go.


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