Race Report: Lola’s Half Marathon

June 7, 2014.

For the second time in a week, my drive in for a half marathon was punctuated by frequent lightning strikes, endless thunder, and rain. Lots of rain.

This could be my second canceled event this week.

This race is not a big deal. Neither was the one earlier in the week. Neither had the makings of a PR. A 13 mile run is my standard long run right now. I do them for a change of scenery, for the catering, for the bling and for some smaller milestones working up to Madison.

It’s also a very busy weekend.

My travel to Waconia takes about 90 minutes. Once that is done I drive another 2.5 hours to Winona for a Time Trial bike ride tonight and a sprint triathlon in the morning.

These will also be among the last distractions before Madison. After this I have a Ironman 70.3 and a Century Ride before the big day. So, this is my last bunch of fun stuff…if the lightning would just stop.

When I get to the site, I check the radar. Looks like a heavy cell is coming, then nothing severe. Will likely be a delay, but not a cancel.

I head to the staging area (a small park in a small town). Get my bib and go back to the car to wait it out. Turns out to be a 30 minute delay. By the time the race starts, there is dribbling and misting rain (nothing severe), moderate winds, and it is somewhat cool. The race course would be scenic under better racing conditions.

We start with a quick 5k before returning to the starting area and then a lap around the lake. Crowd support was sparse (rural and raining) and the volunteers tried to be upbeat. The course took us onto trails (which were muddy and downright dangerous at a few spots after the soaking) and down some gravel roads. The views of the lake were pretty, and the downtown was quant and charming.

Finish Time 2:10:51

About 15 minutes off my PR. Basically what I expect from a “C” race. I got my medal and shirt (out of my size, it’s pretty big) and a pulled pork sandwich. Loaded up the car, got dry, and started driving to my second event of the day.


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