My Newest Problem: Osteoporosis


44 year old.


I don’t smoke or drink.

I exercise regularly.

I drink my milk.

I have just found out (unofficially) that I have osteoporosis.

I sustained a rib fracture 2 weeks ago from a really minor trauma (I was leaning over the padded center console in my car) when my rib popped. Turned out to be a fractured rib. Since it was such a minor trigger for a broken bone, I got a bone density test.

Z-score as low as -2.6 in my spine. WHO criteria for osteoporosis is usually -2.5 or worse. For men under 50 it is a z-score of -2.0 or worse and another factor (such as a fragility fracture).

I am still waiting for the final interpretation on my bone scan (I just looked at the raw data and I am not certified to read bone scans, so I might be overlooking something). I am scheduled to see an endocrinologist to try and figure out why (there are many possible causes of osteoporosis, and I am not the typical high risk patient for this) and to discuss treatment options.

This doesn’t change my training…but I guess that I am more fragile then I thought. I will just try to be more careful over the next 13 weeks…



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3 responses to “My Newest Problem: Osteoporosis

  1. Of course I am not “Like”-ing your diagnosis. If there was a “Boo. Hiss” button, I would have clicked that. Hope you find the cause soon.

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  2. “My newest challenge”. Ofcourse easier said then done and I wish you all the best with treating it but stay positive no matter what, it’s probably already difficult enough without a negative mindset :’)


  3. shawnasob

    In the meantime you can develop an iron man bubble suit to give some extra padding! All silliness aside I hope you get to the bottom of this and good on ya for not letting it stop you.


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