Race Report: Minneapolis Half-Marathon

June 1st, 2014.

Short Report: Race Cancelled.

Long Report: This was a weird one. The original goal was for a PR. My current PR was at this same event last year, and it is a mostly flat course. Then, I broke my rib 11 days ago. I figured I would have to take a DNS. But, I healed quickly. I did a 5K test run 2 days ago and it went fine. So, I was planning this as a rehab run. Then heavy storms rolled in. Organizers thought they could run the event. Weather looked like it was clearing up. I was lined up at the start, when it got called due to incoming severe thunderstorms. So I took a DNS after all. The storms never happened. A few ran the full marathon course and said that there were “light sprinkles for 15 minutes”. Sigh…

They were distributing the “finisher’s medals” when I left, so I grabbed mine (I know many would not have).

My main goal for the day was to try a long rehab run and test the rib. The plan was 13.1 miles. Since I already received the medal, I figured that I better at least complete the race as a virtual run. Once I got home, I hit the pavement. 13.1 miles later, it was raining pretty good, but there was no thunder. Finished in 2:09:49 (unofficial time-obviously) and averaged 9:54/mile…with a broken rib. And, more importantly, the rib wasn’t hurting.

Overall, very pleased (despited the needlessly canceled race). Next week will be a heavy training week. I also have another Half-Marathon on Saturday, and my first triathlon of the season on Sunday.

And…he weather forecast looks great!



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  1. Too bad they cancelled the race, but great that you went on your scheduled run anyway. I don’t know how you run with a broken rib, but as long as it wasn’t hurting.. 🙂


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