…and a new injury.

A few days ago, I was driving to work. I had something on the passenger seat that rolled off. I don’t even remember what that “something” was. At the next red light, I reached over to the floor on the passenger side to retrieve the item. I could almost reach it. Stretching as far as I could, reaching over the center console, my fingertips brushed the wayward item. Just need to stretch a little farther…


I crumpled over, shouting pains through my chest, could not breath. Good thing the pain made my foot jam down harder onto the brake peddle…otherwise I would have rolled into the (expensive) car in front of me. As I try to catch my breath, the car behind me starts honking as the light had turned green. I was barely able to focus enough to safely clear the intersection and pull into a gas station.

Damn, I am in pain.

And, what the hell just happened???

I can breath again, but it is torture. The pain is very intense and very localized. Right side, front of the chest, just off the breastbone. The area that was getting shoved into the center console while reaching for the now forgotten wayward item.

Did I just crack a rib???

No, there was no blunt trauma, no impact, no force. Just pressure. I know I am getting older, but the ribs are not that fragile (yet).

Dislocated? I feel around. No obvious lump or recess. There is a tender spot. But nothing seems out of place.

No. Not dislocated.

The location of the pain is right where the bone meets cartilage, just off the breastbone. I subluxed the rib. Basically, I partially tore the rib off the cartilage.

And it hurts!

I had just finished daily training and was on my work. Getting out of the car was an unpleasant experience.

I got though the day. It was getting less painful as the day went on. But, lying down on it the night was very unpleasant. The next morning, I was planning a 75-90 bike ride. This might get cut short. Way short. Just mounting the bike made me wince…

I start peddling. I can tell just how much my core is involved in cycling. But, my body accommodates. Soon, I am not feeling it. When I mount/dismount and when I need to made sudden movements, I certainly get an unpleasant reminder. I complete 85 miles without difficulty. A nice surprise.

The next day, a morning swim. I sleep a little better that night. Morning comes around and I head to the pool. The first few lengths are not good. Every stroke involves pulling with my arm and twisting with my core. Everything hits my sore spot. But, it gets better. The muscles actually relax during the workout. It’s therapeutic. Ok. Two out of three. I have an evening run planned.

That was a little rougher. Every footfall causes a jolt of pain. I breath heavier when running. And deep breathing caused more pain.

Unlike the swimming and cycling, I couldn’t get into a rhythm. It improved a little, but running was rough.

I do not sleep well that night. I certainly flared up the rib with a 10k run.

So, my training plan just changed from triathlon training to aqua-bike training. No running for now. I was scheduled for my weekly long run today. 15 miles planned and canceled. Instead, I will do a 3 hour spin. Maybe I will try my elliptical cross-trainer instead (see if that feels better and and if I can get a closer mimic to running). Fortunately, I was way ahead of schedule on the run training (had a full marathon earlier this month), so it is the discipline that I can most afford a setback. I do have a half-marathon scheduled for next weekend. That will likely be my next run. I had hoped for a PR. Now, it is a rehab run.

Disappointed and frustrated. But I can still train with this. Just need to adapt and hope it doesn’t linger…



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2 responses to “…and a new injury.

  1. Ouch!! How long until you can go back to normal training/racing?


    • I don’t know. Basically, I will start training again when it doesn’t hurt and training doesn’t make it any worse. I ran 10k a couple of days ago and it made it worse. Swimming and cycling don’t aggravate it, so those are fine (will likely bump up my spinning). Running is out, but elliptical is fine. So, I will substitute elliptical for running for awhile. I have a half marathon next weekend and the weekend after that. Also a sprint triathlon the in 2 weeks. None are important to me. But I hope to take part as rehab events. The sprint triathlon is likely the most important and only a 5k run, so I will certainly run that one. But I am planning to avoid all running until next weekend’s half marathon.


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