1000 Miles…

Two years ago, I bought a bike. First one since I was a kid. It was for cross-training, then a Duathlon, then a sprint Triathlon, and eventually Ironman 70.3 Steelhead. It was quite a first season. On the last descent riding day of the year, I knew I was in shooting distance of 1000 cycling miles for the year. I went for it. Weather was good in the early afternoon but the snow was coming. A cold front was coming in…wind was howling and the mercury was dropping. I kept a close eye on the odometer. I was going to hang in there until the odometer rolled. At the end, I was doing laps around the block as the snow started to fall when it happened. I thought I did something pretty damn special and amazing.

The odometer rolled on me again today. Over 1080 miles this season, an it’s not even Memorial Day yet. I should be clocking over 2500 miles by the time I roll into Madison.

Compared to many who are Ironman training, this would be a pretty wimpy total.

But, it shows how far I have come. I am feeling the difference. I am faster. I am more comfortable cycling. I am handling the bike better. I can maintain my cadence for long periods of time with less and less difficulty. I can spin up hills. I can run pretty good after a long ride.

It’s paying off.

Today was my second 85+ mile ride in the past week. I had trouble doing 45 miles last year. I would strive for 1-2 century rides per season. Pretty soon, a century will just be my weekly long ride.

Why am I doing this?

Because Wisconsin is tough.

I will be tougher.



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