Training Week #12 (Triathlon Active Recovery Week/Marathon Weekend)

This was a challenging week. I had a marathon scheduled on Sunday, and a 10k/5k run combo on Saturday. Friday would be a travel day. The rest of the week, I was trying to tie up loose ends at home and work. I skipped my usual Tuesday rest day since that would be Friday. There was no opportunity to get an outdoor bike ride, and I had to taper my run. I did get my 2 longer swims in (1.75 miles each). The 3 races went well. The 5k was one of my better runs…but short of a PR. The marathon was pretty average for me. But I crushed the 10k…shaving 4:30 off my PR and finishing in 47:42. That gave me 151 place overall (out of 3648). That was good enough to qualify me for the Houston Marathon…my first ever marathon qualifying time!

Flying Pig marathon was a great and well organized event, and I would highly recommend it to anyone. But I am happy that it is over with. My training was way to run heavy and way to light on cycling. Now that good cycling weather is here and that the bike is outside, I can focus on my weakest element again. And I will not miss my weakly 20+ mile weekly long run for awhile…

The Plan:
Tuesday-1:00 swim/0:45 run
Wednesday-0:45 bike/0:15 run (with transition)
Thursday-1:00 swim/1:00 bike
Friday-1:00 run
Saturday-2:30 bike/0:15 run
Sunday-0:30 bike/1:00 run

2 hour swim, 4:45 hour bike, 3:15 hour run
Total-10 hours/11 activities

What I did:
Monday-0:45 bike/0:28 run (11 miles/3.1 miles)
Tuesday-1:10 swim (1.75 miles)
Wednesday-1:10 swim (1.75 miles)
Thursday-2:31 bike (35.3 miles)
Saturday-0:47 run/0:25 run (6.2 miles/3.1 miles)
Sunday-4:32 run (26.2 miles)

Weekly Total
2:20 swim, 3:16 bike, 6:12 run (% change from week 8: +0%, -47.0%, +66.8%)
3.5 mile swim, 46.3 mile bike, 38.6 mile run (% change from week 8: +0%, -46.7%, +72.3%)
Total-11:48 hours/88.4 miles/10 activities

Grand Totals:
Swim-23:40 hours/35.5 miles
Bike-53:10 hours/759.5 miles
Run 73:51 hours/437.7 miles
Total-150:41 hours/1232.7 miles

18 weeks to go.


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