Training Week #11 (Triathlon Build Training/Marathon Taper)

Well, it was an interesting week.

First of all,  triathlon training went from “base” to “build” training. A few implications to this. First, there are 3 scheduled swim sessions weekly instead of 2. These sessions are also longer. Bike and run sessions have some speed work and intervals added.

I have already been doing some informal speed work, so that will just be more structured. I have elected NOT to add the third swim…I just don’t have the time (and I am completely omitting it from the training plan). Going to the pool is a total time suck. I will make the swim sessions longer. I will add open water swims whenever I can (much more important to me then extra pool sessions). I have moved to 1.75 miles/session from 1.5. Week 16, I will up it to 2 miles. Week 20 will be 2.25, and week 25 will be 2.5 miles (which is beyond the ironman distance).

Run is in taper mode, with a long run of only 10 miles. I will likely only do a couple of short runs off the bike going into marathon weekend.

I got the bike off the trainer and back outside. This is a big deal. I was doing much longer bike sessions outdoors last year, and the bike ramp up has been a lot slower than the run ramp up because of this (and my upcoming marathon). With the bike back outside, and marathon training behind me, I can back off the run a little and give the bike the love it needs (my weakest element).

The weather this week was cold and windy. My solo ride on Saturday was shorter than desired because of this. I almost didn’t go to the MN Ironman Bike Ride due to the horrible weather, but I needed bad weather training. This was a good opportunity.

The Plan:
Tuesday-1:00 swim/1:00 run
Wednesday-0:45 bike/0:30 run (with transition)
Thursday-1:00 swim/1:15 bike
Friday-1:00 run
Saturday-2:30 bike/0:15 run
Sunday-0:30 bike/1:15 run

2 hour swim, 5:00 hour bike, 4:00 hour run
Total-10 hours/11 activities

What I did:
Monday-0:45 bike/0:32 run (11.2 miles/3.1 miles)
Wednesday-1:10 swim/0:57 run (1.75 miles/6.2 miles)
Thursday-1:10 swim/1:15 bike (1.75 miles/18.1 miles)
Friday-1:42 run (10 miles)
Saturday-2:13 bike/0:32 run (30.6 miles/3.1 miles)
Sunday-1:57 bike (27 miles)

Weekly Total
2:20 swim,  6:10 bike, 3:43 run (% change from week 10: +133%, +60.9%, -42.8%)
3.5 mile swim, 86.9 mile bike, 22.4 mile run (% change from week 10:  +133%, +55.2%, -43.6%)
Total-12:13 hours/112.8 miles/10 activities

Grand Totals:
Swim-21:20 hours/32.0 miles
Bike-49:54 hours/713.2 miles
Run 67:39 hours/399.1 miles
Total-138:53 hours/1144.3 miles

19 weeks to go.


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