Last minute change of plans…

This weekend, I took the bike off the trainer and went outside. Yesterday I had a limited time to ride, but got 30 miles in. Today was the big cycling day. Today was the big group century ride (Minnesota Ironman Bicycle Ride). I wasn’t sure I could complete 100 miles this early in the season, but this ride has multiple loops returning to the same central spot…so I could bail anytime.

That WAS the plan. Then came the forecast. Low 40’s. Howling winds. Torrential rain. I can hear the rain as a sit here typing this. I feel a chill just listening to it.

I’m still going. It won’t be a century. In fact, I am taking the shortest possible route (27 miles). But I am going specifically because of this forecast.

I am a fair weather cyclist, and I have been very lucky at all my events. Always sunny. Always dry. Always warm. Occasionally windy.

I may not be so lucky on Ironman day.

So, I better get a little bit of experience in bad weather.

It won’t be much worse than today….


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