Today’s Outdoor Long Run Has Been Canceled…


There are challenges to training in Minnesota…as you can see. I have a century ride coming up in just over one week. A marathon the week after that. I am tapering for the marathon now, and have been able to get 3 outdoor runs in the 20+ mile range (and a fourth just a little short of this), but weather plays havoc with the training.



Cycling is much more of an issue. My bike is still on the trainer. Last year, my first ride of the season was the MN Ironman Bike Ride (last weekend in April). This year, it will likely be the same scenario. The MN Ironman is an organized ride. It has 3 separate courses of different distances, all looping back to a central staging area. If you ride all 3, you have a century ride, but you can ride as much as you like and stop when you choose. Last year, I did the 53 mile loop and called it a day. I would love to do a century this year, but that seems unlikely for the first ride of the season. I guess just getting out there with so many other riders allows me to push a little harder and get a good first ride in to start the season.

Last year, I had upgraded to a road bike from a hybrid. That took some getting used to, and a  crowded group ride was not the place to learn. So, I ended up riding my old hybrid. This year will have a similar theme. I want to start using clipless pedals (had them last year, but couldn’t use them due to an ankle injury…could not unclip…). Again, this likely isn’t the right venue to try something new.

So I will be spinning today on the trainer instead of a long run (I had actually thought that this might be a good day to take the bike out…until I saw this weather report). This is why I tend to focus on fall events. Training for spring events is just a little too challenging…



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2 responses to “Today’s Outdoor Long Run Has Been Canceled…

  1. that’s some snow you got there.


  2. You poor poor man. Winter needs to stop.


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