Training Week #8 (Triathlon Active Recovery/Marathon Peak Training)

So, this week was my “active recovery week” for my Ironman training. But, it is also peak training time for my upcoming marathon (one more week until my taper starts). And, next week, life and work will not allow me the same amount of training time. So, this became my true peak marathon training week, but I will still log as many miles as possible next week. As you can see, this became a non-recovery recovery week.

I maintained the swim, cut back on the bike (down to the prescribed plan at least) and had my biggest running week…ever. Once the running taper starts, I should be ably to get my bike outside and ramp up the cycling. I have a “century” ride coming up one week pre-marathon. The nice thing about this century ride is that there are multiple loops starting at a central point. So, I can bail anytime. With it being so early in the season and might be my first time outside, I will be very happy with a 50 mile ride.

Although, I have had to modify the training plan for various reasons, I have completed every single workout as planned for the first 8 weeks. I have never dome a training plan before and didn’t know if I could stick to a rigid schedule. Pretty pleased with the results so far…

The Plan:
Tuesday-1:00 swim, 1:00 run
Wednesday-0:45 bike/0:15 run (with transition)
Thursday-1:00 swim/1:00 bike
Friday-1:00 run
Saturday-2:00 bike
Sunday-1:00 run

2 hour swim, 3:45 hour bike, 3:15 hour run
Total-9 hours/9 activities

What I did:
Tuesday-0:45 bike/0:30 run (11.1 miles/3.1 miles)
Wednesday-1:00 swim/1:39 run (1.5 miles/10 miles)
Thursday-1:01 bike/1:05 run (15 miles/6.2 miles)
Friday-1:00 swim/2:15 run (1.5 miles/13.2 miles)
Saturday-2:05 bike/1:41 run (31 miles/10 miles)
Sunday-4:26 run (24 miles)

Weekly Total
2:00 swim, 3:51 bike, 11:36 run (% change from week 7: 0%, -14.4%, +44.1%)
3 mile swim, 57.1 mile bike, 66.5 mile run (% change from week 7: 0%, -13.5%, +41.5%)
Total-17:27 hours/126.6 miles/11 activities

Grand Totals:
Swim-16 hours/24 miles
Bike-35:04 hours/499.1 miles
Run 50:29 hours/297 miles
Total-101:33 hours/820.1 miles

22 weeks to go.


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