Return Of The 20 Mile Long Run

Week 6 of Ironman training…and I mix in a 20 mile long run.

Most Ironman veterans are likely banging their heads on the keyboard at this concept.

I should explain the logic (or the madness).

My plan going into the offseason was that I needed something in the spring to keep me motivated throughout the long winter months. If I landed on the couch, I would likely not get off again when the snow melts. I need short-term goals and long-term goals.

This was to be the year of the Ironman, but I figured a spring marathon would not screw training up too badly for a fall triathlon.

As I just completed my first outdoor run and race last week, I thought I had time to build up.

Yesterday, I looked at the calendar. Whoops.

Race day is May 4th. Taper starts mid-April. So, 4 weeks left to train. And it has been quite awhile since a serious long run.

The return of snow and ice forced me back indoors. I went to the indoor track with a plan to run as far as I could. I figured 15-16 miles.

I completed 20 instead.

That was yesterday. Followed that up today with a treadmill 10k. Mostly bike sessions planed for the weekend (but a 5k run after each).

The training will become more run-centric until I start to taper. Twenty-plus mile long runs will be the norm for the next three weeks. Will then start to push the bike a little more. Post marathon, will fall closer to plan.

Base triathlon training with peak marathon training. Should be interesting phase of my training…



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4 responses to “Return Of The 20 Mile Long Run

  1. Wow, sounds so challenging, good luck and enjoy.

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  2. I have never done anything conventionally. Admittedly potentially to my detriment. But the point is, just because you’re taking a non-traditional path to your goal — at least while you prepare for the marathon — doesn’t mean you won’t be successful 🙂

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    • Well, I have never followed a training plan. Ever. I have barely even looked at one. I have a general sense of when to time my long runs, how far, when to taper etc. Other then that, I am pretty much winging it. So this is new and somewhat uncomfortable territory for me. Figuring out how to peak in one sport while building a base in the other 2 is interesting. I will be interested in seeing how this affect performance. I was always low on weekly mileage when marathon peaking and it showed on race day. This year, I should have 4 consecutive weeks of 40-50 miles/week and a 20+ mile long run heading into the taper. This should improve my race day endurance (I always fizzle at mile 18 or so). I will also be near peaking for my last century ride and just about to start peak training when I get to my 70.3. If I see a dramatic race day improvement, I may continue with this more rigid structure. Otherwise, it will be back to what I did last year…which was a complete mess!


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