Race Day

Alarm goes off at zero dark thirty. I was already awake.

Coffee’s on. The kitchen island is full. Drive’s my wife crazy.

Shoes with the timing chip attached. Bib on the race belt. GU strapped on too (won’t need them for a half).

Every permutation on race gear is laid out.

I know I am forgetting something.

Check the temperature. Weatherman was right. Twenty degrees. Twenty colder than yesterday. Damn. I don’t move fast in colder weather and in layers.

I get my coffee.

First event in over 2 months. Only the second since Halloween. After a summer of nearly weekly events, I have missed this ritual. It’s comforting to see how easy it is to return to that place.

This is my first outdoor run in months. It is not a priority event. A train thru. I signed up to have something on the calendar to force me onto the treadmill in the middle of winter. I signed up since it is part of a fun series that I always enjoy. I signed up for the swag and the bling…

Two years ago, this was the first event I ever ran. It will always hold a sentimental place in my heart.

After today, routine outdoor running returns. Full on marathon training peaks.

Racing season starts today.

Bring it on!


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One response to “Race Day

  1. How exiting! Racing season will be over in a couple of months here and I’m already sad. Hope you have a great season!


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